Significant Social Media Protocols US Can Adopt From Europe’s GDPR

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In the wake of Europe’s regulation of social media and technology companies implementing the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), there are some policies that the US may find useful to associate with the net neutrality issues it is dealing with.

The GDPR  has been implemented to provide individuals more authority regarding the data that companies collect from them. Social media companies such as Facebook usually gather as much information from their users. This one of the few things that the US needs to consider to protect consumers from data breach and hackers.

It is considered that the GDPR is a more wide-ranging protocol and the US could use some of the measures. This could alleviate the chances of private data being hacked and sold to third-party companies.  A section on Europe’s new guidelines obliges any online service that requires personal data. For it to perform, it should gather the least possible amount of data needed for that purpose.

A good example is apps that accumulate data almost everything about you. However, not all of the information is necessary for the app to function. The developer of the app would sell the information to other companies. A weather app needs only to know your location to function.

Social media websites such as Facebook and Yahoo are some of US companies that were attacked by hackers. However, they did not let the public knew of the occurrence for months and years. Under the GDPR’s new regulation, any companies that have been attacked by cybercriminals should report the incident is less than three days. European users will never use a service that is considered risky.

Also, companies that do not abide by the new rules will be fined appropriately. The penalty could reach about 20 million euros or $24.5 million. In this event, the US government must accurately supervise attorneys, investigators, and another workforce to seek and emphasize misdeeds.

Europe’s new data privacy laws have its pros and cons. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) noticed a climb in notifications where organization defy and data protection criticisms succeeding the implementation of the law.

An ICO spokesperson said: “It’s early days and we will collate, analyze and publish official statistics in due course. But generally, as anticipated, we have seen a rise in personal data breach reports from organizations. Complaints relating to data protection issues are also up and, as more people become aware of their individual rights, we are expecting the number of complaints to the ICO to increase too.”

According to the Commission Nationale de l’informatique et es Libertés (CNIL) or National Commission on Informatics and Liberty (in English), there is a 50% rise in the number of protests since the new rules took effect on May 25. Throughout Europe, the new data privacy law has generated higher transparency from companies that have endured a data infringement with warnings attacking over the same time.

As the US looks to foster some of the EU’s GDPR, Internet users still have a choice in the Decenternet platform. It makes use of a system that will protect the private information of the consumers.




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