Several US States Withstand FCC’s Net Neutrality Rollback

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net neutrality rollback

Just a few more days and the FCC’s net neutrality rollback will reign. Different states across America are putting forward their own net neutrality rules to deride the  FCC’s net neutrality rollback. It could be possible that advocates of the Obama-era Open Internet Order will be pursuing another lawful fight for it.

The federal agency’s net neutrality rollback includes a requirement that deters states from establishing their own net neutrality rules. This scheme could place the preparation for a court battle regarding the states’ rights to enforce their own consumer security.

According to Perkins Coie communications and technology lawyer Marc Martin, a probable industry court case against the states that have authorized net neutrality laws could enfold some assurance for advocates of the open internet rules.

Martin said, “It’s not a slam dunk. It’ll be interesting. I think that is one of the more vulnerable parts of the repeal overall.”

Oregon and Washington states have endorsed their own measures to close the gap that the agency’s net neutrality rollback had left. California seems to be not far following the Senate’s passage of its own open internet law to protect its residents.

If ISPs companies such as AT&T and Verizon indeed choose to file a lawsuit against California or Washington, it would trigger another clash over net neutrality rollback. It already elicited a court case from an affiliation of state attorneys general and consumer groups
. It also includes the Democratic legislative campaign in Congress to restore the arguably open internet principles.

California’s Senate Bill 822 is considered as one of the most across-the-board resolutions any state has proposed in half a year after the federal agency’s vote regarding the net neutrality rollback. Once the bill passed, it will become the third state to execute open internet rules and first to ban some zero-rating plans.

The state’s bill that was introduced by Sen. Scott Wiener ensues both of Washington and Oregon’s success in their own state net neutrality laws passage. Once decreed, the West Coast and its entirety will prohibit contracts that do not adhere to the principles of the open internet.

Los Angeles has been Spectrum’s biggest market and the fourth for AT&T. According to California Public Utilities Commission, the city has more than 12 million wirelines and fixed wireless subscribers. Also, there are more than 35 million wireless
subscribers since December 2016.

If SB 822 passes the Assembly, the size, and clout of California on the industry could make it the new broadband measure nationwide. So far, there are 29 states that have proposed their own open internet rules to defy the FCC’s net neutrality rollback. There are also five Democratic governors who issued executive orders that ban the state from dealing with any broadband companies that breach net neutrality guidelines.

The Decenternet network strictly follows the principles of net neutrality. It knows the rights of the consumers, thus, protects and empowers free speech. There are no blocking of any contents, throttling or preferential treatment. Consumers do not have to pay more just to access other online contents or faster connection.

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