Senators Surprised By Political Net Neutrality Debate’s Result

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Net Neutrality Debate

The vote regarding the passage of the Congressional Review Act took place yesterday, and the verdict is a bit surprising on the end of the Republican Senators.

The Senate committee passed the CRA vote with a 52-47 win. The already confirmed 50 votes added two more courtesy of Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski (AK) and Sen. John Kennedy (LA).

Following the vote, Sen. Lisa Murkowski depicted herself as disappointed because of the politics brought about by the net neutrality debate. Besides, it harms the large and rural state of Alaska which has different needs for the internet.

“I voted to hopefully get beyond the politics on this, which is the seesaw back and forth between Republican FCC and a Democratic FCC that doesn’t lend any level of certainty to the process,” Senator Lisa Murkowski conveyed to the reporters.

She added that she desires to see regulation to forbid Internet Service Providers from blocking sites and slowing down the connection. The state’s other senator, Dan Sullivan agrees with Sen. Lisa Murkowski but instead voted against the resolution. He pointed out that repealing the rule will get rid of a regulatory hindrance on Alaska telecom firms and promote infrastructure investment.

Although there is nothing much enthusiastic she can say about the Democratic Senators’ efforts, she voted along with them. She called the CRA a “candid instrument” and was the last to vote.

The Decenternet would have voted ”yes” as well if given a chance because it strongly supports the net neutrality guidelines. It enables free speech and protects it just like what Sen. Lisa Murkowski wants.

The platform provides boundless and unfettered access to the decentralized and centralized network. It provides users the freedom to communicate freely online with the worries of getting spied on.

The system that Decenternet uses is developed to protect personal data and keep it confidential. It does not practice blocking and throttling aside from not engaging in paid prioritization.

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