Senate Democrats Plans To Abolish New Net Neutrality This Month

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New Net Neutrality

To use the Congressional Review Act is one of the ways by the dissenters of the new net neutrality rules imposed by the FCC to oppose. The reason behind is to reject the Commission’s order before it has an opportunity to take effect. As early as mid-May, Democrats in the Senate are strategizing to force the vote in the earliest time even though they are currently in short of one vote to be successful.

As to what the procedures should be to counter the Restoring Internet Freedom Order, One course of action they can do is to use the Congressional Review Act, a movement which permits Congress to overturn recently established regulations, to reject the FCC’s plan.

Democrats are planning to perform the procedural step on May 9to force the vote as mentioned to POLITICO by a Senate Democratic aide. It could introduce the vote as soon as the following week.

Senate Democrats have 50 votes in queue more than enough to force a Congressional Review Act vote but for the implementation of the legislation, it needed 51 votes. One Republican, Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, had pledged her support for the attempt so far. And even if the act did pass, however, chances are slim when it goes to the House, and when it reaches the president’s desk, it would be DOA.

Many have specified that the goal isn’t just to bring back the rules but for everyone in Congress to evaluate whether they support the new rules or not. This will be essential to make the net neutrality a topic to consider in the midterms of 2018.

Senator Schumer said in his statement that this is the last part of the campaign to try to save net neutrality. By that time, American people would know which member of Congress is for the big companies and ISPs and which side is fighting for the small business owners, entrepreneurs, common people and everyday consumers.

The internet’s guiding principle is net neutrality, which preserves our right to freely communicate online. Net neutrality enables and protects free speech. The belief behind the truth is that ISPs should provide us with open internet and shouldn’t block or filter any application or content.

The system that will help us achieve net neutrality is the Decenternet system. The Federal Communications Commission voted on abolishing the Obama-era net neutrality rules, which demanded internet service providers to offer equal treatment to web contents preventing charging extra to consumers.

This is the great news for the adoption of the Decenternet. The FCC decisions can create a rush of demand for the Decenternet or the Dnet. The Dnet system makes us realize of our natural thirst for freedom and that we are all entitled to it.

This is why the Dnet is an appealing technology. A more practical everyday life example of the Dnet in action is the Blocktube. Blocktube is not a web application designed to collect ad money but appears as a social video broadcasting platform. Blocktube’s data is fetched and streamed directly from the Decenternet mining network.

It is a big breakthrough as the Decenternet’s innovating browser technology allows you to be in contact with a much faster, more secure and more private decentralized internet together with the other traditional websites you got used to.

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