Renowned Lawyer Runs for Attorney General to Defend Net Neutrality

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Defend Net Neutrality

A lawyer, litigator, assistant to the attorney general, wife, mother, black belt in Judo. These are some of the words which describe Clare Kindall.

She announced that she will be running as attorney general. Some of the things which Clare is hoping to do is to have a better presentation in politics. She also wants to help solve student debt and uphold net neutrality principles. By this, she looks forward to bring change in the Trump administration.

Kindall said she joined hundreds of thousands of women at the Women’s March. They are campaigning to have a good future because they got worried about the 2016 election.

Kindall was looking for an opportunity to influence when Pres. Trump was elected. She got that chance when current Attorney General George Jepsen proclaimed he would not be running for reelection.

Kindall is known to lead lawsuits filed against the federal government. It took legal action against telecom and pharmaceutical companies, confronted big banks and chased polluters and will pursue her work to defend the rights of the Connecticut people. She is supported by two state senators. There were more than fifty previous and present colleagues from the Attorney General’s Office and state government who is helping in her candidacy.

Kindall expressed since she has served as an Assistant Attorney General and she loved it. She has experience and the commitment to lead the Office. She’s happy about the support of her coworkers and friends and is excited about asking support for her candidacy.

She has been in her position as Assistant Attorney General for almost 20 years. She has this dedication and vision to hold the position she’s campaigning for and is strong in her beliefs to uphold citizens’ right and the laws of the state. Her vision includes:

– To powerfully impose natural, antitrust and consumer protection laws given that the federal government is doing nothing about it.

– Defend students who are targets of lending habits, giving an assurance that students need to have higher education for success rather than being credit trap.

– Dispute the new 1.5 percent federal tax on school funding which is an inclusion in the tax reconstruction.

– Participate with other states to question the FCC’s decision to gut net neutrality law

– Safeguard against federal immigration agents to maintain our courthouses and schools available and safe for immigrants.

– Allow consumers to stop the future solicitation – robo calls- and promote effective new guidelines and prerequisites for all providers.

– Uphold the rights of young people who lived here since their childhood and living honestly following the DACA terms.

The others who were running for the position were Reps. William Tong and Chris Mattei although both haven’t filed their campaign finance reports as of Monday afternoon.

Kindall if ever given the opportunity to hold the office would be the second woman to do so and in the surveys, she was the first to win it.

Kindall announced her interest in the position and is the fifth Democratic candidate to do so.

In order to uphold the rights of the citizens, the position of the Attorney General’s Office would be essential. With her experience facing the biggest legal matter in the state would make a very good advocate for the Connecticut people.

Just like Kindall, Decenternet shares the same principles. The platform aims to protect the rights of internet users. It is for them to communicate freely online.

It is in the Decenternet platform where net neutrality lies. Consumers will have no experience of blocking, throttling, and undergo paid prioritization.

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