Prediction of Net Neutrality Law Repeal’s Outcome

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Net Neutrality Law

April 23 marks the effectivity of the Federal Communications Commission’s repeal of the net neutrality law as reported by the Federal Register. With the repeal, the internet providers are free to slow websites or block apps, services or contents because they are not bound by any legislation policies anymore. The rules for paid prioritization of content will also be eradicated by the Commission. This is expected to bring benefits to the broadband service providers but objected by activists, consumer advocacy groups and the technology industry. With this, there are effects that consumers dread once the repeal officiates.

The small companies and startups will be affected because major companies have more funds to generate projects to compete in the market. Only a few media companies will benefit since they monopolize the market and initiate income generating business online.

The effects of the collapse of net neutrality law may yield unimaginable and can have widespread effects. An example would be biased opinions towards political ideas or beliefs by service providers, can affect your access if they decide to block or slow down selected websites in your pursuit of information on the real events. The effects of the collapse of net neutrality law may yield unimaginable and can have widespread effects.

With the power that is vested in ISPs, they can just select web contents they have invested in, for the consumers to watch, which is the exact opposite of what is happening currently. Today, consumers get to choose the social information we want to know because we have the power to do so.

Consumers may become victims of business interests, which are aimed more at generating income and competition.

Since the internet provider will be allowed to charge extra fees. Companies who paid extra will be given faster speed and priority.

Options for broadband plans may come as too high or too low for basic services and “zero rating” practices will be inevitable.

These are some of the possibilities that experts foresee what may happen once the repeal of the net of neutrality takes place. In summary, aside from the changes that the ISPs will impose to maximize the opportunities given to them, the use of the internet will lead to less freedom, different from what the consumers are able to enjoy at present. Monopoly also of the business can be foreseen as new players who have intent will have difficulty entering the scenario to compete. Also, the industry is composed of internet providers who own the internet access, and content such as Verizon owns AOL and Yahoo, Comcast owns NBC Universal.

Democrats have foreseen these events coming so they are active in promoting the Congressional Review Act, which can revoke the FCC vote. Different states have passed bills and executive orders to protect the free and open internet.

While protests are being done in different states and cities, Republicans and other believers are saying that there won’t be much changes from the internet the Americans know today, but the power the ISPs will gain from the repeal can help them do more to improve in the infrastructure to have better reach to consumers.    


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