Oxford Launches Blockchain Research Center

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Oxford’s University College (Univ) had established an in-house Research Center for Blockchain. The center is under the leadership of Professor Bill Roscoe, the former head of Oxford’s computer science department.


The Univ was founded in 1249 and is considered as the oldest College of Oxford University. It has a list of renowned alumni including British Prime Minister Clement Attlee, British Novelist C.S. Lewis, Professor Stephen Hawking, and US President Bill Clinton.


The University College Oxford Blockchain Research Centre will conduct studies and focus on bringing the technology to the mainstream. It will also be used to find new solutions to existing blockchain technologies. With backing from one of the most prestigious universities in the world, the research carried out is expected to be groundbreaking.


Professor Roscoe said that the by embracing the regulation through applicable Know Your Client (KYC) guidelines and using the green mining technology, the vision will be accomplished. Together with the experts from the field of technology and blockchain, the group will work closely improving the efficiency of blockchain mining and building new models of privacy in the technology.


Currently, the research group has developed new ways to address the cryptographic challenge that is presented by blockchains. This is to create a long-term and stable cryptography for a continually evolving industry.


Oxford is not the first university to build a blockchain research center. The University of Arkansas in the U.S. had opened a blockchain education center discover and distribute the innovative uses of the technology. In the Philippines, Ateneo de Manila University had partnered with MediXServe to establish Ateneo MediXserve Blockchain Education and Research (AMBER) Laboratory to help more people understand the blockchain technology better.


Huge and respected institutions are starting to embrace and recognize the potential of blockchain technology. Universities will have a big role in the adoption of both the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. And in a few years, a lot of people will graduate level qualifications in this area.

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