Onavo Security App Departs Apple App Store Due To Data Privacy Concerns

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It was confirmed that Facebook pulled out the Onavo security app due to the violation of Apple’s data-collection policies.

Officials of the iPhone manufacturer, Apple notified Facebook about the violation of the new rules laid out in June. The regulations are devised to control the gathering of data by app developers. Onavo is included and violated a section of its developer arrangement that hinders apps from utilizing information in ways that go further what is unswervingly fit to the app or offer to advertise.

Facebook has no choice but to remove Onavo, developed by the Israeli mobile-analytics
company with the same name. They acquired it in 2013 and since then utilized the security to establish an internal database to monitor competitors which include young venture capitalists with an exceptional performance. Onavo’s collected data has done a huge favor in crafting Facebook’s products and obtainment scheme. It opens the door for the acquisition of WhatsApp in 2014 and two years after, launch into a live video to name a few of its efforts.

Onavo enables users to generate a virtual private network or VPN that relays internet traffic to a Facebook-managed private server. The security app claims that it keeps users and their data safe also alarms them if they were able to possibly visit a malicious site. During that process, the social media giant will collect and examine Onavo user’s activities to learn how people utilize their phones besides Facebook’s apps.

“We’ve always been clear when people download Onavo about the information that is collected and how it is used. As a developer on Apple’s platform, we follow the rules they’ve put in place,” a Facebook spokesman said.

Last week, both parties chewed over the problem in meetings. Facebook agreed on Apple official’s suggestion on Thursday to pull out the Onavi security app from the Apple app store. The said security app may not disappear from the users’ phones which was already downloaded and the social media platform is disabled to force updates. However, the app will still be available for Android devices and can be acquired through the Google Play Store.

According to Apple, its renewed developer policies clarified that applications must not gather data about other apps installed on a user’s device to analyze or market. They have worked hard to protect the data and privacy of their users across the Apple ecosystem.

In June, Facebook disputed the information in Congress that the company is using Onavo data for Facebook product purposes or to gather information about individuals. However, it did admit that it used Onavo to collect extensive information regarding what apps are frequently used and what it uses to develop its own products.

Whatever is the company’s purpose for gathering data is still unacceptable especially without the consent of its owners. There are platforms such as Decenternet which uses the first blockchain operating system that deals with these kinds of issues. It devised the Anuvys Operating System which aims to protect the data and security privacy of its users.

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