Ohio Senator To Resurrect Open Internet

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Resurrect the Open Internet

The US Senate is up for a showdown on Wednesday on whether to save or let the open internet die. 

Democratic Senates are pushing harder to resurrect the open internet. This is before the Federal Communications Commission’s Restoring Internet Freedom officially dethrones the 2015 Open Internet Order. The current 50 votes that are in favor to utilize the Congressional Review Act needs one more vote.

According to Ohio Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown, the vote might help encourage more Republicans if it moves towards the House.  He said, “Every House member in Ohio, I assume, will hear from thousands, if not tens of thousands of their voters, their constituents, saying ‘Stand with us.”

In the last effort to resurrect the open internet, the Democratic Senators are questioning the capability of the Federal Trade Commission to regulate Internet Service Providers. Remember that when the FCC’s Restoring Internet Freedom took place, the authority to regulate internet will be handed over to the FTC.

Sen. Ed Markey argues that the FTC has arbitration but ISPs do not uphold net neutrality principles. In this case, the said agency can’t do anything to hinder providers from creating fast and slow lanes. He added that it is not well-appointed to safeguard the free and open internet. It is deficient in regulatory authority aside from confined equipment to prohibit blocking, throttling and employing paid prioritization.

In case the House passes the vote and agrees to resurrect the open internet, it will land on Pres. Trump’s desk for endorsement.

In regards to blocking, throttling, and paid prioritization, no federal agency needs to oversee it in the Decenternet platform since there are so no such practices in the first place.

It is very much in favor to resurrect the open internet. It provides Internet users unbound access to different websites both centralized and decentralized. It protects and empowers free speech enabling consumers to take back their freedom.

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