Norway’s Popular Bank Makes Bitcoin Even More Convenient

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European countries open their horizon for Bitcoin!

As major events happen in Europe, the countries within it are now seeking for protection via Bitcoin. Obviously, after the Brexit and other major political events that had happened inside and outside Europe creating a massive impact on Europe’s economy, it was expected for investors to seek protection for all their investments. And recently, Norway has been very generous to Bitcoin investors. Why? Find out below.

If you know anything about banks in Norway, you’ll already know that DNB ASA is one of the major-league players. DNB bank just recently released an app that enables users to buy and sell Bitcoins with a few touches of the button, cutting out most of the hassle like verification and sending documents usually associated with buying and selling the crypto-currency.

The app is called Vipps, and it operates basically like PayPal does. All that’s needed is the username, mobile number, or e-mail address of the person you want to pay, and of course the Vipps app itself.

Bitcoins Norway, one of the top Bitcoin exchanges in the country, has recently made use of the Vipps app by enabling users to buy and sell Bitcoins, in the same way, using everyday credit and debit cards.

The process is easy and hassle free – you just have to send Norwegian Krone (whatever amount you wish) to Bitcoins Norway through the Vipps app. Bitcoins Norway will clear this payment and then send the equivalent amount of Bitcoins to the person you want to pay.

Here’s a quick screenshot of how it looks, taken by a user recently.

Bitcoin Exchanges Around the World

It’s possible to buy Bitcoin over the counter in many countries around the world. Countries like the Philippines and Mexico, which have large numbers of people working abroad and sending home remittances, see lots of these remittance outlets enabling transactions in Bitcoin.

Yet Bitcoins Norway simplifies and makes things even easier by doing away with any requirement to visit any physical location at all. All the buying and selling can now be done through the Vipps app, making the whole process that much more efficient and easy.

Vipps Is Huge & Will Keep Growing

The Vipps app reportedly is being used by 27% of Norwegians already, with 85% of the population aware of its existence. This makes it one of the country’s most-used apps. Many of the users aren’t DNB banking customers, meaning that the app is reaching outside of the bank’s own circle of customers and is enabling money transfers across the region.


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