North Carolina To Resurrect The 2015 Open Internet Order

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Open Internet Order

The time is ticking, and almost everyone is busy with their own agenda to destroy and resurrect the Open Internet Order before the time runs out.

When the FCC announced the date when the repeal would officially take place, net neutrality advocates make haste. They did not waste time and doubled their efforts to guarantee that the CRA vote will pass the Senate committee.  The vote earned a lot of varied reactions mainly when 3 Republicans said ‘yes’ to overturn the FCC’s repeal of the Open Internet Order. The resolution will now seek the approval of the House committee before it meets and greets the US president for his precious autograph.

Democratic Sen. Jay Chaudhuri wants to make the state of North Carolina to still enjoy the benefits of a free and open internet. He would propose a measure that will bring back the Open Internet Order of the former Obama administration. According to him, open access to the internet is essential for rural areas. About 88% of the residents have no alternative of Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

He said, “Our principles of openness and fairness, or net neutrality, allow the small business owner and individual users to access the internet without interference from broadband service providers.”

Before the solution, several states have filed their own bills, but only a few have been implemented. Washington was the first state to enact its own net neutrality rules to protect its citizens from the wrong practices of broadband providers. New York and California even joined forces to ensure that Open Internet Order will be restored accordingly.

The Decenternet network totally agrees to resurrect net neutrality principles. Its advocacy is to provide an open and free internet by providing consumers unbound access to the decentralized and centralized web. It also enables and safeguards free speech offering users the freedom to communicate freely online.

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