Newest Cryptocurrency To ‘Spyce’ Up South Korea

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Newest Cryptocurrency

Are you ready for the newest cryptocurrency in South Korea?


There are more than 1,300 cryptocurrencies in the exchange market as of the moment and is still counting. Because of the rise in demand for digital currencies, there is no questioning that it will indeed become the “coins of the future”.


South Korea is introducing its newest cryptocurrency called Spyce which is Decenternet’s domestic digital currency. Decenternet identifies itself as the most supreme and accomplished hyper-speed P2P decentralized internet communication solution devisable by blockchain. Because of its ingenious browser technology, users can have a more accelerated, more solid, and more isolated decentralized internet along with the same old websites that users are already accustomed to.


Decenternet Native Currency


All financial activity on Decenternet is administered in Spyce which can be acquired by domestic mining. The digital currency can be interchanged with major currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and EOS. This feature eliminates the need for unnecessary competition among major cryptocurrencies.


Spyce is the entity of all trade and commerce on the Decenternet. It can be used to buy commodities, apps, hosting services or for processing micropayments hassle-free. The Spyce economy is self-governing and naturally productive in contrast to the traditional fiat currency economy which is prone to inflation and depleting.


Decenternet Blockchain Technology OS


With Decenternet’s blockchain Operating System Anubis will be available at no charge. Its establishment and progression are self-financed by a portion of Spyce mining deals throughout the world. It facilitates full authority over the user’s resources to take full advantage of mining profitability and experience. Its browser is equipped with a full line of impressive Linux apps, such as LibreOffice and Steam.


What net neutrality means for Decenternet?


Net neutrality is another important thing for Decenternet and will tackle its challenges. It will subdue the efforts that will restrict the user’s critical rights and independence by defending free speech and net neutrality by way of technology rather than fear, separation, and violence.


Net neutrality is the guiding foundation of the internet that preserves the right for communicating as you please online. It means an internet that capacitates and fends free speech.  Decenternet is an advocate of net neutrality.


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