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Are you looking for a new cryptocurrency?

If you are looking for a new crypto, then this might be the one you are looking for. This is different compared to other cryptos. What makes this crypto different? What crypto am I talking about? Check it out below!

Decentralization, one of the key features of cryptocurrencies, has also proven to be one of its chief deficiencies. With value determined entirely by supply and demand, most cryptocurrencies are prone to high volatility, which in turn has discouraged their use as currency.

Enter AlloyCoin, a cryptocurrency built with a currency reserve to maintain a supply of assets to guarantee the buy back of AlloyCoins when market prices fall or when the market is oversaturated with coins.

While all blockchains use consensus to protect against attacks, none are designed to protect their currency against price volatility.

Because Alloy Reserve represents AlloyCoin as its central agency, the reserve can market and bring it to the masses. This ability to proactively market the cryptocurrency marks a significant benefit over other cryptocurrencies. Alloy Reserve can work to deliver a product that is stable, easy to use and a viable alternative to conventional currency.

A Unique Cryptocurrency

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Alloy Reserve employs full-time developers to improve its usability. This prevents issues that arise from open source projects such as code organization and requiring consensus when it’s time to adapt.

Alloy Reserve employs artificial intelligence scientists to bring the power of machine learning to AlloyCoin. By using intelligent algorithms, Alloy Reserve can simulate market conditions and adapt the reserve’s investment distribution to make it more resilient to stress.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, AlloyCoin’s value is not based solely on demand, but by a collection of assets, managed by the reserve, which ensure coin holders can sell their coins for a portion of the value of the reserve’s assets. These assets are used to determine a floor price for the market value of each AlloyCoin called the “base-price.”

AlloyCoin holders have the assurance of knowing they can sell their coins to the reserve any time they wish for this base-price.

The reserve manages assets that are used to buy back AlloyCoins if market prices fall below the base-price. Any AlloyCoins the reserve collects as the network mines are sold to acquire more assets.
The base-price is based on the value of reserve assets and the coins in circulation.

The reserve value will grow over time, from interest on assets and from income generated from business services. Such services will include a mixing service – a mechanism where users can ensure an untraceable transaction – and an anonymous escrow service.

As the reserve expands, the value of each AlloyCoin increases.

A Unique Blockchain

Unlike most blockchains, each block in the AlloyCoin blockchain contains a unique “coinbase” transaction that sends a portion of newly-mined AlloyCoins to the reserve.

In the AlloyCoin blockchain, the reserve is a special node with its own wallet that establishes the reserve rate and the reserve addresses.

In addition to storing AlloyCoins, the reserve maintains the assets in the form of other currencies.

The reserve also collects a percentage of newly-mined coins, then sells these coins to the market at a target price and uses the proceeds to purchase additional assets. The reserve then uses the total value of its assets and the number of coins in circulation, in addition to a portion of future coins, to establish the base-price.

Should the market price for AlloyCoins fall below the base-price, the reserve begins to liquidate the assets using a liquidation schedule and buys back circulating coins at a percentage of the base-price.

The market price for AlloyCoins will not remain below the base-price except in the case of reserve failure, which would occur if the assets become depleted while circulating coins exist. The team has taken a number of precautions to prevent such an occurrence, described in the white paper.

AlloyCoin has a patent pending on its blockchain management system.

Pre-ICO Planned

AlloyCoin will have a limited pre-ICO in November.

In the meantime, the team is looking for individuals with backgrounds in software development, finance and economics, and invites those interested to send a resume.

For investing opportunities, contact [email protected].

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