New Jersey Discusses The Importance of Net Neutrality

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Importance of Net Neutrality

New Jersey started discussing the importance of net neutrality to establish more efficient regulations to their citizens.

The New Jersey State Assembly was held on Monday (March 12) to induce a batch of regulation purposely created to establish New Jersey residents to remain to have all internet content with the exclusion of discrimination or extra fees.

All of the three drafts that are linked to net neutrality correspond to offering financial  and other enticements to ISPs to comply with the bright-line rules as a provision for:

Acquiring any contract with the state government. This could be an important revenue source.

Obtaining a connection to the utility poles. This is significant for implementing infrastructure.

Municipal Consent. This is required to establish a city’s right-of-way.

A bright-line rule also known as the bright-line test is a judicial law that helps to deal with questionable issues through a fundamental standard that clears the vagueness and builds a clear acknowledgment. The objective of a bright-line rule is to develop a foreseeable and constant outcome in its application.

The bright-line rules can be epitomized as:

♦ no barring legitimate internet traffic

♦ no subduing or corrupting the performance of valid internet traffic

♦ no paid prioritization

♦ openness regarding network management procedures that might affect the advancing of traffic

In addition to the rules, the FCC structure also re-categorized Internet service as a “Title II” telecommunications service. It is placed at the discretion of the agency’s regulation.

The New Jersey Assembly Science, Innovation and Technology Committee has promulgated three standards instructing Internet Service Providers doing business in the state to keep the procedure. Fortunately, it did after heeding the rationalization that net neutrality is necessary for the gratification of the people, the proceeding of business, government work management, and the preservation of free speech and democracy.

Net neutrality is indeed an internet that enables and protects free speech. At the same time, it preserves our right to communicate freely online. That’s why advocates such us the Decenternet, are pushing their advocacy to let people around the world know how important it is to protect net neutrality.

Without the implementation of net neutrality, ISPs will be free to control what we access online, control the speed of our internet connection, and impose extra charges in exchange of access to other contents, apps, services, and sites.


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