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A cryptocurrency app that lets you earn through your selfies?


Taking a selfie has become a huge part of today’s generation. Capturing the moment from the time you open your eyes to the moment you start dreaming, it is just a non-stop habit and norm set by ‘millennials.’


According to Justin Denison Samsung’s senior vice president of product strategy and marketing, people take an average of 25,000 selfies in their lifetime.


People usually share their selfies on social media sites for various reasons. Sometimes, social media sites become a very big advertising platform where people get to showcase what they have and what they can offer. A marketing avenue where most people look at most of their time.


With the frenzy in selfies and photo sharing, an opportunity to earn was opened to everyone.


If you love selfies and are into cryptocurrencies, then this is perfect for you.


Selfllery, a site launched by Vadim Onishchenko is now adding spice to its concept by awarding the photo contributor good cash through gaining followers, on top of this, contributors can also market their photo in a built-in stock photo market while businesses can also advertise on the platform.


The implementation of this notion opened another opportunity to market cryptocurrency and to share the treat that this venture brings. Token multipliers would indicate the popularity of a user in this avenue. You coins will be earned for every interaction, and the likes and comment would boost the rate and the earned tokens. Your tokens will function as the currency in Selfllery where you can exchange it for goods and services within the app. You can also share with other users in the platform or donate your tokens but emphasizing the economic benefit of the tokens; you can exchange your token into cryptocurrency. For example, one token into 0.001 Ethereum. As this is now being opened, everyone is invigorated to share their best photos and videos into the gallery. The technology is now getting more within e everybody’s means, and the opportunity to earn is endless.


Just like cryptocurrency, it will be supported by the blockchain technology to ensure the security and reliability of every transaction. A smart contract will be provided to support the rules of the advertiser, and also, copyrights will be utilized to protect the user’s photo and videos.


Indeed, Selfllery is an amazing platform to share your best selfies while enjoying the fun of cryptocurrencies.


But are your selfies protected from hackers?


Recently, a South Korean company made a huge buzz for its advocacy to free the people from online manipulation and hackers.


Decenternet, which will have their official launching on February 26, proposes the most powerful complete hyper-speed P2P decentralized internet infrastructure solution that blockchain technology can create.


According to Decenternet’s white paper, the Decenternet’s innovative browser technology allows you to experience a much faster, more secure, and more private decentralized internet along with the traditional websites you are used to.


Indeed, if you want freedom in your online activities, Decenternet is something that you must look forward to.


To know more about the purpose and incredible technology behind Decenternet’s mission, you may get a copy of their white paper by clicking this link.


Today, the world we are living in is shaped by the various platforms we involve ourselves in. The minds that we have in this cohort is finding a perfect way to conjoin lifestyle and radical ideas in innovating the world. Concepts and principles were shared in various forms of communication giving birth into innovations leading to progress.


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