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A new crypto coin on the rise, REME-Coin, is committed to reward their users up to 100% cashback on every purchase anyone makes within its network., a German startup, created REME-Coin for consumers to use in the marketplace to entitle them to a shoppers dream of getting all their money back.

You can just imagine the wide-eyed readers with thought-cloud on their heads thinking how can this be? Or skeptics who would dare have them explain how in the world are they going to pull this off. puts up pretty easy way of getting the message across. As the mundane saying goes, “Data is the new oil.”  Data can be easily collected by companies just by following footprints that interacted with certain products, from cookies, interests, likes, clicks, and posts that keep online engines of businesses working round the clock mining all this information.

Anyone who has these data can then be sold to advertising companies. This makes us realize the ever-increasing lack of control for a regular user over how this data is used.

Sure we get access to free services, and in return, we give away our data that informs colossal marketing and advertising companies that leaves us little to nothing in return.

This Berlin-based startup company has a different picture in mind. It is creating an open source marketplace on the blockchain where customers are granted greater control over their own data and are compensated for their shopping. Wow, a marketplace that gives back.

REME-Coins is emerging as a distinguished investment opportunity of 6 advantageous facts:

Coin backed by real value

Easy, fast and high cashback

Claims profits from Your data

Exclusive access to new advertising formats

Appreciation Outlook of the REME-Coin

No.1 Payment Method for Marketplaces

Recognizing data as the “21-century gold” with just a simple awareness, interaction and transaction with the said platform can generate valuable data that can benefit both end-users, advertisers and marketing companies.

It was believed that cashbacks is one of the most efficient tools to fuel the e-commerce, the power to lure buyers and drive sales.

This is one of the best aggressive growth segments in the digital market, to give access to the billions big companies make by selling acquired data.


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