New App Automatically Converts Spare Change to Crypto Investment

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Crypto Investment

Another way to invest in cryptocurrencies without worrying about volatility or other risks that comes with it.

Do you want to invest in cryptocurrencies but is doubting its capability to keep positive returns? The solution is here, and you probably won’t be feeling any hassle or worries about your crypto investment.

Cryptocurrencies have become the newest investment today. It has gathered attention from huge companies to government sectors, to wealthy investors, to almost every part of the world right now.

Despite the fame that cryptocurrencies are getting as an investment, some people are still in doubt about the idea. That’s one of the reasons why Dust Solution tried to find a way to make cryptocurrency investments less hassle to everyone.

How does it work?

Dust app will turn your spare change into cryptocurrency investment.

Yes, you got it right. You connect your bank account to Dust app, it will collect the spare change, and it will automatically turn into a cryptocurrency investment. You wouldn’t even feel the burden of investing into cryptocurrencies because it will only get a tiny bit of your money. The app then rounds each transaction up to the nearest dollar, collecting spare change. Once the app has collected $10, it will then be used as capital for your investment in various cryptocurrencies.

Isn’t that exciting?

If you are wondering where Dust gets the cryptocurrencies, there’s nothing to worry because Dust integrates with Coinbase, one of the largest crypto and reputable exchanges online.

Dust claims to be connected with the high-end banks along with over 9,000 different financial institutions in America. Dust supports banks such as Chase, Citi, and Wells Fargo. This has become possible through the integration of the Plaid platform. Plaid will serve as a bridge between banks and developers.

Jordan Fish, co-founder of Dust app reveals that through Dust app, it mitigates hesitation on cryptocurrency investment. It will invite more crypto investors in the future. It also provides an autonomous way to generate long-term savings.


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