Millennials Shaping the Future with Cryptocurrency

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Cryptocurrency as we know it is no longer a mere bitcoin. While new digital currencies show up in the trading industry, it creates jobs. This also entices industrialists to establish startups and generate multiple crypto-coins special purposes and evolution.


Millennials are definitely the breed that sets fire to this furor. We might still be familiarizing ourselves with the words “cryptocurrency” and “bitcoin,” we are just starting to perceive what blockchain technology can furnish.


Millennials are the benefactors of cryptocurrency


This generation is the first to come about with the digital technology and have a various behavior of thinking by privation. Millennials have different ways to deal with their daily routine and activities compared to their parents.  They have a different approach when it comes to finding employment, booking a vacation or even ordering food and cryptocurrency has something to do with it.


According to blockchain startup StormX CEO Simon Yu, Millennials are exceptionally receptive to accepting new breakthroughs to establish opportunities for themselves and blockchain is no exception.  One Month co-founder Chris Castiglione, also notes that the young generation is more digitally knowledgeable compared to Gen X or baby boomers.


Preferences of Millennials


Millennials favor cash, real estate, and gold. With bitcoin cited as digital gold and other digital currencies that linger out the expanse of the current economic affairs, it will not be a surprise if they rather go for asset collections which separate them from the old financial range pressed by Wall Street.


The Tech-savvy Millennials are Digitally Literate


The millennials are an unmistakably tech-savvy group and are able to absorb and welcome the blockchain technology benefits. Because of the several emerging cryptocurrencies today like Spyce, native currency of dnet from South Korea, they are enthusiastic not to be customers anymore but investors as well.  The dnet project is in its early stage of seeding and is acquiring a lot of attention.


Although most people are not familiar with dnet, it is armed with substantial funds. The company has the intention to robustly market this coming June.


Blockchains privilege millennials, and as being internet users, they need to communicate more often than other generation. dnet can cater to their needs and wants because it believes that net neutrality means an internet that empowers and safeguards frees speech.


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