Micro Entrepreneurs Fight Against Net Neutrality Repeal

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Micro Entrepreneurs

Micro entrepreneurs are doing their own thing to restore net neutrality and their livelihoods as well. 

On Wednesday, members of the Congress received an open letter from micro entrepreneurs. The plea encourages them to support an endeavor to reverse the FCC’s decision of eliminating the 2015 Open Internet Order. The voiding of net neutrality rules created so much hate and confusion across different states.

Almost 6,000 small enterprises signed the open letter slated to be handed over during the Small Business Week. A portion of the letter stated that they would not accept anything other than the protections manifested in the Open Internet Order. Voiding of net neutrality rules means internet traffic will no longer have equal treatment. It also requests, lawmakers to bolster a current move to adopt the Congressional Review
Act (CRA) to reverse the FCC’s decision.

The letter was distributed to beyond 40 congressional offices throughout the country in a hope to encourage the 51st vote from a Republican Senator. These include senators Lisa Murkows (AK), John Kennedy (LA),  Jeff Flake (AZ), Rob Portman (OH).

Meanwhile, Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch (UT) also received a letter requesting him to support the effort to reverse the voiding of net neutrality rules. Net Neutrality advocate, Easton Smith, joined the small business owners to deliver the letter to the senator which was eventually accepted by his staff.

According to Smith, 52 Utah small-scale business entrepreneurs signed the letter. Their main concern is to preserve a fair and level digital turf for competition. They look forward that their contents or websites will not be blocked or throttled. Most of all, there will be no prioritization of who will and will not be reached by their ads. Voiding of net neutrality rules will leave their businesses in jeopardy.

At the Decenternet platform, all contents, apps, and websites are treated equally. It provides an open internet that facilitates free speech and protects them. The speed won’t slow overtime and no delaying of access. There is no voiding of net neutrality rules in Decenternet.





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