Major Impact of FCC’s New Net Neutrality Order To New Yorkers

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Net Neutrality Order

New Yorkers are confident that the state’s executive order will shield them from the FCC’s Restoring Internet Freedom.

The old net neutrality order has its date set to expire next month. New Yorkers will discover how effective the governor’s executive order will be when that day comes.

Gentler procedures will supersede the so-called 2015 Open Internet Order or Title II next month. The FCC’s new net neutrality order called Restoring Internet Freedom was approved in December 2017. This rule necessitates ISPs to relate throttling, blocking or ranking their own content or from their affiliates.

However, they have the freedom to corrupt the service. Cable and broadband providers vowed not to block or throttle contents and other sites. Still, it is possible that they will charge more for certain delivery of data.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is trying to fend off the federal effort with an executive order that forbids the state from procuring services from providers. For their service to be bought, they should not engage in blocking and throttling contents as well as paid prioritization.

According to the executive order, “The free exchange of information, including the ability to access the content of their choosing secured with net neutrality protections is expected and relied upon by all New Yorkers.”

The Senate along with different websites are hopeful about the restoration of the Obama-era open internet rules. They are looking forward to the Congressional Review Act to review and invalidate federal agencies’ rules. Up to now, the Senate is still hunting for that single precious vote and continues to woo other Republican Senators.

New Yorkers can still take back their freedom with Decenternet. The platform makes sure that each content is treated equally regardless of the websites it came from. There is no fast or slow connection, and users have unrestricted access to both decentralized and centralized network. They do not have to shell out extra bucks just to gain access to other sites.

The Decenternet respects the right of their users. It does not distribute personal information without consent. It also enables and protects free speech giving consumers the liberty to interconnect without any apprehension.

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