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Dash has become one of the strongest cryptocurrencies worldwide. It continues to prove its spot in the industry as it becomes more and more relevant to the masses. It has become one of the fastest-rising cryptocurrencies worldwide. Lately, as Dash newest high prices continue to seduce new people to its platform, new people are also becoming more curious on how to invest in Dash.

In the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, secure wallets are always in high demand. Online wallets provide a lot of convenience, but they also ensure users are not in control of their private key, making them less appealing. We have collected 6 different Dash wallets anyone can use with relative ease. Jaxx could have been on this list as well, but due to their security issues they are not counted as a secure long-term wallet solution for any cryptocurrency right now.


Mobile users who want an easy wallet to use with medium anonymity should check out Coinomi. It is a very powerful Android wallet solution which supports multiple currencies, including Dash. The private keys are stored on your mobile device and are not broadcasted to the company’s servers. Moreover, Coinomi hides your IP address when broadcasting your transactions to the blockchain. It is a powerful solution, especially when considering it has a built-in exchange feature as well.


Even though this service has been around for quite some time, it is hardly mentioned among Dash enthusiasts. HolyTransaction is an online wallet service which supports a few different currencies. This also means the company has access to your private key, which can be a drawback for some people. From a convenience point of view, HolyTransaction checks all of the right boxes, as it works and is incredibly easy to use. Additionally, users can exchange all of the platform’s supported coins with relative ease as well.


Another mobile wallet Dash users can enjoy goes by the name of UberPay Wallet. This is yet another multi-currency wallet solution, which keeps the private key stored on your device rather than on company servers. Moreover, the wallet doesn’t require any personal information from the user, and it masks your IP address when broadcasting transactions. It is also another wallet with built-in exchange features, which is slowly becoming somewhat of a trend in the cryptocurrency world.


It doesn’t appear there are many third-party cross-platform wallets for Dash right now. Exodus fills this void, and it supports additional cryptocurrencies and tokens as well. The developers of this wallet are active and try to integrate support for additional coins and tokens whenever they can. There is also a built-in exchange feature which lets users exchange all supported currencies on the go. Exodus is a very convenient wallet to use, and it is an excellent solution for novice cryptocurrency users.


Hardware wallets have also started to support Dash. KeepKey was one of the first to do so. Their cryptocurrency hardware wallet has been well received by the overall community, even though its retail price is still somewhat steep. Users can interact with the wallet through a Google Chrome plugin. All transactions are signed locally to avoid anyone from spending your funds. The wallet puts a very strong focus on security and is well worth the money for people who are serious about cryptocurrency.


A lot of people were surprised when SatoshiLabs announced Dash support for the Trezor wallet. Then again, the company wants to provide a secure ecosystem to its users. The Trezor wallet is an isolated environment to sign transactions locally. It is not the most convenient device to use if you aren’t used to hardware wallets though, but people get the hang of it fairly quickly. From a security point of view, Trezor is definitely the best solution to go for.

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