Keplertek’s Up-and-Coming Undertaking Joined by NASA Competition Winner

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Keplertek, a blockchain-based startup in Georgia that announced its first decentralized AI and robotics development platform, has seized the cryptocurrency realm aggressively after selling a million of its pre-sale KEP tokens made accessible within the first week of its launch.

Each token is valued at $1.25, and the total supply is 100 million. The remaining tokens available for sale will be sold during the three stages of the initial coin offering.

The first stage will offer a very generous bonus of 20 percent on all acquisitions, lowering down to 10 percent and 5 percent as the sale moves forward — so you better not fiddle about and grab KYC before this longed-for event finally lifts off!

The stage is being set for Keplertek with fresh ideas and different angle of approach spearheaded by an incredible team that will do a bang-up job together with its existing 50 committed employees at its newly built modern office and over 100 more working overseas and in Research and Development.

Kepler’s recent addition to their inventive team is Giorgi Mtchedlishvili, who studied Operations Research at Columbia University’s Engineering School and gained popularity by co-leading an engineering team that attained first place in NASA’s Aeronautic Challenge — for the first time in the University’s history.

This was accomplished after his 12-member team worked hard for nine months engaged on an advanced commercial transport plane propulsion system for the future.

This confirms Keplertek’s aim to hook up the most intelligent minds in order to bridge fantasy and reality that will soon change our way of living on this planet forever.

With Keplertek’s innovative prowess and current project, the sky’s the limit to what these brilliant minds can achieve with an exceptional ascendancy on the realm of Robotics, AI, and even the blockchain as a whole.

Investors are encouraged around the world to be apart of this momentous opportunity for humanity’s progress by registering and complete KYC verification to participate in the highly anticipated ICO.

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