Internet Firms’ Breaches Call For Internet Bill of Rights

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Data breach is a worldwide problem and internet companies such as Facebook and Google have revealed the incidence of data security breach exposing millions of personal information of its users.  

Congress needs to take some action regarding this cybercrime that includes hacking and doxxing that usually lead to identity theft and ransomware. It was reported that 60 million Facebook users’ personal data have been compromised while Google allowed third-party developers to access information on users who denied permission for them to do so.  It appears that most voted lawmakers and their employees on Capitol Hill are insufficient of the needed competence to draft measures for the Internet.

Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi commissioned Democrat Representative Ro Khanna (Silicon Valley) in April to outline a couple of regulations for an Internet Bill of Rights. Rather than just concentrating on privacy and the right to cushion one’s own identity and data alone, Rep. Khanna included propositions that guarantee net neutrality and unlimited access to the Internet.

In collaboration with consumer groups and Tim Berners-Lee (world wide web founder), they cropped up with 10 recommendations that can help determine rights in the digital era. The principles are outlined as follows:

  1. Consumers must be aware and have access regarding the personal data that companies collect from them. Business organizations need to provide consumers a clear and easy to understand explanation what data is being accumulated.
  2. Consumers must have the choice to opt-in and approve when a particular information has been gathered distributed. It must be well-defined what kind of information a consumer is allowing the company to collect and share.
  3. Consumers must have the authority to revise or eliminate inaccurate personal information, supposing that such a procedure will not oppose the First Amendment. It should be noted that it is not same with the EU’s “Right to be Forgotten.”
  4. In the event that a consumer gives permission to a company to collect his personal data, the latter must guarantee that it will be secured. In such case of a data breach, the company must immediately notify their customers not just when it’s economically agreeable. Examples include Equifax and Facebook which waited months and years respectively, before notifying their customers.  
  5. Consumers must have data-portability in which they can transfer their personal data from network to network. Consumers have the right to move their personal information if they want to – including the transfer of their personal network like from Facebook to any other social media platform that they fancy.
  6. Consumers must have access to a free and open Internet even though the current Trump administration and the FCC want to eradicate the Obama-era net neutrality once and for all. Internet service providers must be banned from blocking, throttling, and discriminating particular applications, contents, devices, and services.
  7. Consumers must be able to have Internet access without companies collecting their irrelevant information just to access their services. It is understandable that any consumer needs to provide his name and address but it’s a different story if ISPs have to collect the details of an individual’s Internet browsing habits aside from selling his information.
  8. Consumers must be able to access multifarious applicable, cost-effective internet platforms, services, and providers with unambiguous and honest costing.
  9. Consumers must have the right to be protected against exploitation and unfair discrimination that are usually incurred based on their personal data.
  10. A business that gathers consumers’ personal data must follow cybersecurity best practices. Companies will be held legally accountable for not enforcing judicious business practices.

It is a fact that the Internet can be an instrument to gain more liberty and growth unless if there are appropriate rules and measures that prevail.  Likewise, it can also be a tool for hackers to illegally acquire personal information that leads to identity theft. Social media has been accountable for more than 56% of breached records.

Gemalto vice president and chief technology officer for data protection Jason Hart said, “Obviously, this year social media has been the top industry and threat vector for the compromise of personal data, a trend we can expect to continue with more and more sectors leveraging these platforms to reach key audiences, especially political teams gearing up for major elections.”

He added that they anticipate that the European Union will report more data breaches in accordance with the new General Data Protection Regulation and new Notifiable Data Breaches law in Australia.

This accumulation rate of a data breach is very alarming that is why platforms such as the Decenternet developed an operating system that will neutralize issues of data security and privacy including net neutrality.

Decenternet users can take advantage of the net neutrality protections that the FCC have already stripped. It does not block, throttle, or discriminate contents, unlike giant ISPs. Likewise, it does not engage in paid prioritization where “fast” and “slow” lanes develop. Besides, it enables and protects the free speech of the users while providing them boundless access to the decentralized and centralized network.


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