India’s Chief Investigating Agency Puts Cambridge Analytica On A Hot Seat

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Cambridge Analytica

Cambridge Analytica’s investigation is far from over regarding data breach.

The Central Bureau of Investigation of India is putting Cambridge Analytica on a hot seat as it investigates the analytics firm concerning its citizens’ personal data. It would investigate the British political consultant if it violated Indian laws.

Union Minister for Information Technology Ravi Shankar Prasad notified the Council of States, Rajya Sabha, that Cambridge Analytica eschewed to the Indian government that their citizens’ personal information was breached. However, the information received from Facebook says otherwise. Both the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Congress charged each other of using the British firm’s services but have disclaimed any association to the company.

Prasad has a doubt that Cambridge Analytica might have been immersed in the unlawful acquisition of Indian personal information which could have been exploited. He said that there were successive reports that user’s data was illicitly tapped into by hardware manufacturers who are affiliated with Facebook. The social media platform contradicted the report and claimed that they are not knowledgeable of any exploitation especially those of Indian citizens.

“Facebook responded that they would streamline their internal processes regarding the handling of personal data. They stated that the case of Cambridge Analytica was a case of breach of trust. They promised to take various other steps to ensure that such breaches do not recur,” IT Minister Prasad said.

For the past few months, a great number of incidence of data breach have occurred, and fake messages have flowed across social media platforms, and one is Facebook. In March, Cambridge Analytica has been accused of allegedly using Indian information by way of their accounts in Facebook. During that time, the Indian government distributed directives to both companies and needed their response.

Facebook answered and will delve into the issue by reorganizing its internal processes on personal data handling and that Cambridge Analytica has violated the social media platform’s policies. The analytics firm retaliated by saying that the Indian’s data was not violated as opposed to what Facebook had reported.

Cambridge Analytica stopped answering the IT Ministry letters. The government then asked CBI to investigate the firm. An outpour of multitude executions has been documented from numerous regions which include Karnataka, Assam, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Jharkhand, and Tripura after fake messages circulated through WhatsApp, a messaging service owned by Facebook.

The Indian government ordered WhatsApp on July 19 to materialize with more efficient solutions to establish responsibility and speed up implementation of the law aside from labeling forwards and determine fabricated news. After the notice, Facebook has controlled the forwarding of messages to five chats rather than numerous chats at once.

Since March of this year, over 460 million Indians have been using social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp,  YouTube, and Twitter. It would be too frustrating if the access will be limited to these websites because of the possible occurrence of a data breach.

The Decenternet platform stays loyal to its users by not sharing their data with anyone, especially third-party companies. It makes use of an operating system called Anuvys OS that secures and protects personal data by keeping it concealed and discreet. There is no way that Cambridge Analytica or other companies can acquire any personal data from the platform.

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