House Democratic Leader Steps In To Help Defend Net Neutrality

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Net neutrality will always have support the least you expect it.

Nancy Pelosi, the fearless House Democratic Leader, has taken action to defend net neutrality. She sent a letter to Communications and Conveyance Committee Chairman  Miguel Santiago. The letter that was presented requests the assemblyman to pass across-the-board assurances in the state. It would be an effort that heightens California’s net neutrality struggle to the nationwide level.

Pelosi expressed in the letter sent to Santiago on Monday her eagerness to defend neutrality. She also wants to rectify the FCC’s erroneous decree to authoritatively get rid of net neutrality protections that expired on June 11.

Part of Pelosi’s letter reads as “We will not settle for the weak bills pushed by Republicans that eliminate crucial consumer protections and are net neutrality in name only. Californians deserve the strong protections they had on the Internet until last week.”

The letter came in during the announcement where two bills will work in tandem to better defend net neutrality protections in the country. Both senators Scott Wiener and Kevin de León agreed to make amendments on their respective bills. One bill cannot be passed without the other.

Senator Wiener’s SB 822 will be in charge for setting California’s net neutrality principles. To defend net neutrality, it will ban broadband providers from doing business in the country if they block, throttle, or hamper the customer’s internet access according to the kind of service or nature of the content.

The said bill would also prohibit telecom companies from increasing or decreasing the speeds between networks. It will also keep an eye on them if they charge customers with extra fees. The attorney general’s office will be the one to implement the rules.

Senator Kevin de León’s SB 460 will center its attention on forbidding ISPs from getting any public contracts that include those given by cities, schools, and countries if they violate net neutrality rules.

According to Sen. Wiener, California is nationally perceived as a principal dynamic state. If the country itself cannot pass net neutrality or a capable measure, it sounds a loud message. He added that if a parliament consisting of a large majority of Democrats with a past of authorizing progressive regulation doesn’t pass a strong net neutrality bill, what will be the meaning of it for the rest of the state.

His bill has been advocated by Pelosi’s letter stating that its requirements are significant to impede biased bigotry online against all Californians. He said that it was uncommon for the House leader to interpose on the country’s legislation in public.

Challengers of the California net neutrality bills have pointed out the probability for contradictory measures for ISPs in various states. They asked the Congress rather to authorize federal constitution. Telecom companies and cable providers have petitioned against net neutrality, arguing that the regulations will daunt capitalization in their respective networks.

The Decenternet has only one rule, and that is to treat all contents equally. Blocking, throttling, paid prioritization, and even zero-rating has no place in the platform. It protects and enables the Internet user’s speech to defend net neutrality.

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