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Investing your money and getting the most out of it is a great way to secure your future. The question is where you should invest? Businessmen and even people with average income capitalize on cryptocurrency because they get more value for their money. Cryptocurrency also has become the trend when buying and selling goods online or offline.


Defining Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies developed to use as a means of exchange. The system uses cryptography that guarantees and certifies transactions. It also governs the development of new elements of a distinct cryptocurrency.


How Cryptocurrency Came to Age?

Several systems such as Beenz, DigiCash, and Flooz attempted to give rise to cryptocurrency during the advancement of technology in the 1990’s. Because of fraud, financial issues and the not-so-harmonious-working environment between employer and employee, the cryptocurrency era did not pursue.

However, in 2009, an unknown developer known as Satoshi Nakamoto introduced the first-ever successful cryptocurrency He called it Bitcoin and characterized it being a ‘peer-to-peer electronic cash system.’ It is absolutely decentralized with no servers including banks. The idea is somehow related to peer-to-peer networks in terms of sharing files.

Compared to a centralized network, Bitcoin participants must do their part.  They make use of Blockchain which serves as a public ledger that records all transaction. These are the transactions that transpired within the network and are made accessible to everyone. This allows them to view every account’s balance.    


Types of Mostly Used Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin is the most commonly used and recognized type of cryptocurrency. In November 2017, the value of each coin has reached to $7,000. Nearly 17 million of Bitcoins are mined and circulated.

Ethereum is run by Ether and later on became driven by Blockchain technology. The applications are developed using smart contracts. These are computer algorithms that implement themselves depending on entering information from the network.   

Ripple does not use Blockchain technology unlike other types of cryptocurrencies. It uses repetitive consensus procedure which is faster compared to Bitcoin but is at risk from hacker intrusion.

Perceiving cryptocurrency as a digital gold, a lot of people spend more in the digital currencies. New details from Britain indicate that the enthusiasm regarding cryptocurrency becomes two-fold in December of last year.  The huge hike in the bitcoin’s price enticed the masses of people in the UK to seek new careers such as Research Analyst or Software Architect in the crypto world.  As the value of every bitcoin surge so is the number of people who want to enter the world of cryptocurrency.


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