Global Movement Aims To Develop Data Security Capabilities

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Global Movement

With the issues of the data breach circling the globe, a global movement initiated by different countries and organizations, team up to counteract such occurrences.

The SMU Academy and Straits Interactive joined forces to bolster data security ableness and supplying the insufficiency of Data Protection Officers (DPO) in Singapore. In lieu of the Data Protection Excellence (DPEX) Network’s introduction, two initiatives will be incorporated.  The Advanced Diploma in Data Protection, as well as the Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) for Data Protection Officers (DPO), are expected to help boost data security in the said country.

SMU Academy Executive Director Dr. Lim Lai Cheng said:

“SMU Academy is proud to partner Straits Interactive, a specialist in data security expertise and technologies. This is in line with our efforts in partnering the industry and tuning in to the needs of various sectors and areas, such as data protection. We see a big potential here, having successfully trained close to 500 undergraduates and individuals in our hands-on data protection officer course thus far, as part of our professional continuing education programmes. We look forward to providing these individuals with a roadmap to enhance their career opportunities further.”

The Advanced Certificates envelop data security guidelines and functional provisions of data security measures in the ASEAN territory and Greater China. It also includes the European Union. The certificates can be obtained through a credit system resulting in an Advanced Diploma in Data Protection and Operational Excellence. It is the foremost application-oriented and practice-based program in the ASEAN district. The curriculum is directed at non-legal authorities concerned in data privacy and security.

The DPEX network will facilitate organizations and individuals not yet familiar with data security guidelines. It will provide hands-on tutorials and professional certification modules.

As the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) points out, the European Union needs more than  28,000 data protection officers and about 75,000 worldwide as a culmination of the General Data Protection Regulation’s (GDPR) implementation.

According to the Straits Interactive research, DPOs have been an imperative stipulation in the Philippines and Singapore. Details show that over 10,000 data protection officers are going to be in demand in Singapore alone in the coming three years. Neighboring countries such as Malaysia and the Philippines have already enforced their local data security laws. Thailand and Indonesia are anticipated to do the same by the end of 2018.


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