Giant Tech Companies’ CEOs Reveal Their Thoughts About Data Privacy and Personal Information

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Is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) the best way for consumers and Internet users to gain more control over their personal information?

With the new GDPR rules circling the globe, it should be expected that different arguments will emerge. Some will favor it while others will oppose just like net neutrality.  If the US is serious about creating GDPR-similar rules, the Trump administration should better consider what rules that are most applicable and necessary to protect personal information.

If the GDPR’s aim is to provide individuals with authority to better handle their personal data, then it’s a good thing. Some of the largest tech firms speak up of what they think about the new data privacy law and its objectives.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos points out that its the trust from consumers that the company is still operating and gaining more customers. They worked hard to establish customer commitment because it is a crucial business asset. If the personal information is mistreated, it will be known, and customers will get to the bottom of it. He said that consumers are very wise and should never be underrated.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai notes that most people use Google because they trust the company. The confidence in a certain product or service is easy to lose if you are not a good representative of it, that’s why they worked hard to maintain their position and continues to gain more trust from their users.

He added that one of the biggest problems about data is security data. People who use Gmail are assured that their emails are protected from all probable kinds of attacks. Pichai believes that it is the structure from which they do business. He understands that users own their data and as firms, they are only administrators of it.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella emphasizes that they do not own the customers’ personal information even if it’s from the consumer, business, or organizational side. The company is just the custodian of the information and keeps it protected. It has been their fundamental standard and the basic resident with what they do with their cloud services as well as platforms.

Apple CEO Tim Cook also agrees that privacy is an integral human right. He figures out that the privacy thing has become out of hand. Most people have no idea that they are being tracked and by whom not to mention the huge volume of information about them that is out there.

He said during the 2018 Fortune CEO Initiative conference held in San Francisco, Ca. that the company is eager to delve into sensitive political and business topics given that they are related to the company’s principal beliefs and ideals.

Cook said, “We felt strongly about privacy when no one cared. This wasn’t something we woke up. The media is focused on privacy, let’s do that.”

It seems that these giant tech companies are in unison when it comes to data privacy. They worked hard to establish consumer trust and act as guardians of their personal information.

Just like in the Decenternet platform where personal information is strictly kept confidential.  Users are guaranteed that their personal data are safe as the network makes use of a system called Anuvys OS. It does not treat Internet users like criminals and does not put them under surveillance.


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