GDPR To Take Effect For Personal Data Security

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Personal data security

Personal data security becomes one of the main concerns in today’s digital era.

We are no longer sure if our personal data are still protected. Once we login to the internet,  we need to provide information to have an access. Once it is given out, it now becomes public property. The big question is, how safe is our information?

Remembering the scandal that Facebook and Cambridge Analytica went through would make consumers think twice before they give out their personal data. The two are facing lawsuit regarding data breach. The social media has been accused of distributing its users’ information to the British consulting firm.

Dissemination of personal data does not only applies to Facebook and Cambridge Analytica but also to the US election, Independent News and Media, and the Brexit mandate. It could threaten our democracy and freedom. We have the right and the need to know how our information is utilized and what for.

In regards to the personal data issues, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will take effect on May 25.  The European Union regulation is openly appropriate in Ireland. It will also be enforced in juxtaposition with the Data Protection Bill before the Oireachtas.

Meanwhile, Cambridge Analytica has been ordered to entrust all the US economic data it possesses. The order came from the UK’s data privacy watchdog that presses the right of people from overseas to look for data kept by a Britain firm. The order came following reports that the consulting firm had wrongfully acquired information of millions of Facebook users without their permission or knowledge.

Everyone has the right to keep their personal data confidential, and the Decenternet platform understands that perfectly. That is why its blockchain technology, Anuvys OS is designed to protect and secure one’s data. It does not account anything to anyone.

Moreover, it does not distribute any personal data for personal gain. This is also to prevent identity theft, receiving of scam messages, and phishing of emails.

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