First Ever Law Firm To Accept Bitcoin As Payment

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Law Firm Bitcoin Payment

More industries are leaning towards cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies have proven their power worldwide. Not even the government or the central bank can’t stop it from rising. Not even China or Russia. Cryptocurrencies are here to change the economy.

The real estate industry, food industry, online gaming industry, and more, are starting to use cryptocurrencies as one of their payment methods. And now, a law firm from Finland announced that they would start accepting Bitcoin payments for legal services rendered.

What persuaded this law firm start accepting cryptocurrencies? Does this mean that Bitcoin is becoming a big thing in Finland? Read more about it below.

A Finland-based law firm, Nordic Law, made an announcement Thursday they would begin accepting bitcoin payments for legal services rendered. Specializing in business and law, the firm recognized their clients’ needs for leveraging alternative forms of payment.

The company blog explains:

“We have received several inquiries from foreign clients regarding payments in form of bitcoins and whether we accept such payments. We have also for a long time assisted various domestic entities active within the virtual currency markets. We have especially assisted in legal questions pertaining to tax issues. In that regard, we have had an opportunity to get acquainted with virtual currencies and the current legal environment regarding virtual currency, which unfortunately is quite inadequate.”

Nordic Law Firm Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments

First Law Firm to Embrace Bitcoin

According to some news sources, Nordic Law is the first firm to fully embrace bitcoin and begin accepting it as a means of payment for legal services. The company primarily hopes to help clients who have issues with taxes in regards to using digital currency. Their primary bitcoin-paying clientele are foreigners who reside outside of Finland.

However, there have been other instances of attorneys being granted permission to accept bitcoin as legal payment. covered a story where an ethics board determined Nebraska attorneys could take bitcoin.

A Nebraska ethics board just granted attorney’s permission to accept bitcoin, with a few stipulations. The Lawyers Advisory Committee granted approval, and also suggested accepting bitcoin is not at odds with codes of professionalism. 

It is not yet clear which firms have begin accepting bitcoin in Nebraska.

Bitcoin Acceptance and Adoption Growing

Nordic Law Firm Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments
Nordic Law

Overall, it appears bitcoin acceptance and adoption is skyrocketing. As the price moves toward the 6k zone, a plethora of different businesses are looking to determine if bitcoin acceptance is right for them. Most recently, an Iranian computer hardware company called Lioncomputer started allowing customers to pay with bitcoin.

Perhaps the largest influx bitcoin interest has been in the brokerage firm and trading sectors. Several American and international firms have begun allowing their customers to invest in bitcoin via CFD’s. These include TickmillRoboforex, and ETX Capital, just to name a few most recent ones.

This growing interest in bitcoin and all its concomitant technology could foreshadow a major breakthrough in adoption, catapulting bitcoin into further mainstream limelight.

What do you think about Nordic Law accepting bitcoin? Will this kind of mainstream adoption continue to prosper? Let us know in the comments below.

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