FCC Wants Net Neutrality Buried Forever

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Is net neutrality haunting the FCC?

The FCC’s repeal of net neutrality has been known worldwide, and yet the agency is still making efforts to prevent it from coming back after gutting it.  Chairman Ajit Pai wants the rules that once protected the Internet users from discrimination to be buried for good.

He and his agency is making some strategic efforts to ward off net neutrality advocates’ different endeavors to restore it. Remember that when Pai decided to repeal net neutrality, several states and their attorneys general filed lawsuits against the FCC. Pai is seeking some kind of obscure and lawful means to counteract them.

It could be that he can no longer bear the pressure and asked assistance from the highest official of the state.  The White House seems to be in a panic with the turn of the events as Republicans turn their backs away and say hello to the restoration of net neutrality. It will do anything to prevent a CRA vote from getting pushed through. It even ordered the Supreme Court to vacate a section of The Telecommunications Act.

The Trump administration is very obvious in abolishing the net neutrality rules. It made its FCC chairman appointee Ajit Pai as a medium to carry out their plans of getting rid of the open internet principles. They want a legal record regarding net neutrality rules to be rubbed because according to the FCC, those rules no longer exist. Since the agency shifted them, they are now dealing with court challenges.

According to the University of Minnesota media law professor Christopher Terry, the present FCC dislikes the 2015 Open Internet Order. The agency would be glad to have it eradicated. However, the D.C. Circuit Court stated that those regulations were a lawful and binding use of the FCC’s jurisdiction. The fact makes it cumbersome for Pai and his agency.

With the current issue of cyber attack on the agency’s comment system, Pai needs more than a miracle to save himself from getting toasted or burnt while being grilled. He is set to appear before the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, & Transportation today (August 16) to answer queries regarding the alleged cyber attack that he now claims untrue. Along with him are fellow commissioners Jessica Rosenworcel, Michael O’Rielly, and Brendan Carr.

The congressional Democrats expect that they cannot as much oblige Pai to respond to their queries since the fmajority of Congress are Republicans. The letters from Democrats sent to Pai stated:

“It is troubling that you allowed the public myth created by the FCC to persist and your misrepresentations to remain uncorrected for over a year,” the Democrats’ letter concludes. “To the extent that you were aware of the misrepresentations prior to the release of the Report and failed to correct them, such actions constitute a wanton disregard for Congress and the American public.”

Before he even blamed John Oliver for the spike of traffic in the agency’s comment system.  He is now pointing his finger to previous Obama officials who did not notify him of what really happened.

Even if the net neutrality principles no longer exists in some US states, it still does in the Decenternet platform. Users can still take back their freedom and have boundless access to the centralized and decentralized network. Consumers will not experience any kind of blocking, throttling, or discrimination of contents.

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