FCC Helps Corporations While Hurting Consumers

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Former FCC commissioner Mignon Clyburn was appointed during the Obama administration. During that time, she enjoys the federal agency’s policies regarding net neutrality. But when Ajit Pai stepped in, everything has changed for the worst.

Clyburn said, “If you don’t regulate appropriately, things go too far one way or the other, and we either have prices that are too high or an insufficient amount of resources or applications or services to meet the needs of Americans.”

She emphasized that the agency’s primary responsibility is to ascertain that all Americans will have low-cost, competent, and productive access to infrastructure services. She added that if the FCC doesn’t do all it can to deliver commercial communications services to the people in the state, their mission will not be achieved.

Clyburn disclosed in April that she would depart the agency. She delivered her last policy speech as a commissioner this early May. She said that she had done all she knew and is now time for her to hand around in another way.

The showdown for net neutrality has just begun, and the resolution is now advancing to the House floor. House Democrats are making efforts to collect more signatures as much as possible.

The net neutrality principles are struggling to survive, but somehow some people would like to see it eradicated. Pai and Comcast chief want the regulations to diminish along with their ISPs lobbyists.

Advocates, of course, will prevent them from doing so. Tech industry and small and large business sectors participated in the Red Alert campaign to oppose the FCC’s repeal of net neutrality. They also want the government to regulate the internet pricing.

Majority of the US population disagree with the repeal of net neutrality. Even the education sector are worried about its great impact on education.

However, there is a platform that can provide what the internet consumers need. The Decenternet network offers unbound access to almost all sites without blocking and throttling. All services, apps, and contents are treated equally, so there is no room for paid prioritization. It enables and protects free speech giving users the freedom to communicate online freely.

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