FCC Chief Unstoppable From Killing Net Neutrality

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Killing net neutrality

The result of the CRA poll on Wednesday took Republican senators by surprise. It’s a close vote of 52 to 47 where two of the additional votes came from the opposition. Senators Lisa Murkowski (AK) and John Kennedy (LA) provided the precious votes to gain the victory. It must be a lucky day for the Democrats and advocates of net neutrality since they are asking for just a single vote but was blessed by two.

It is worth noting that three Republican gave their “yes” to the CRA vote in which Sen. Susan Collins (ME) was the first one to express her deep support. With the turn of events, FCC Chief Ajit Pai and his colleagues are not so happy with the result. Killing net neutrality is still their goal especially after being mocked due to loss. However, the fight is not over yet and just starting. The decision will now move to the House for approval.

According to Pai, the best way to deal with net neutrality is the light-touch approach. Killing net neutrality would encourage additional broadband structures. He did not emphasize how will it help broaden internet access. He said that they want a free and open internet.

He could be aware that a larger population of the US are in favor of an open internet.  And killing net neutrality is not either a light-touch approach. He has seen the consequences of his decision and more things will come up until his repeal is defeated. Their Restore Internet Freedom will officially take place on June 11.

The only vote that comes up in the Decenternet network is to maintain net neutrality. Internet users will have unrestricted access to the decentralized and centralized web without the worries of being blocked or throttled. They do not have to pay more for a faster connection. As a matter of fact, they are the ones getting paid through the Spyce mining activity that is self-sufficient.

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