Fast-Rising Cryptocurrency Hits A Trio of Unique Alliances

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This cryptocurrency is snatching companies’ attention!

Dash has truly become one of the world’s fast-rising cryptocurrency. Recently it has caught the attention of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, and now it has caught three more companies!

Why Dash? What makes Dash unique compared to the other cryptocurrencies today? Find out about it below.

Dash, a top five traded digital currency by market cap, has today announced a trio of unique alliances. First, Dash teamed up with Irish-based discount gift card platform BitCart to allow users access to significant online savings at Amazon, and soon, BitCart will offer up to 20% discounts on Amazon for consumers using Dash on its platform.

VP of Business Development Daniel Diaz said:

“One of the most important things we need to do to help cryptocurrency adoption grow is to give potential users a strong reason to overcome the technical hurdles and start using digital currencies every day. Offering a 20% discount on Amazon purchases is a powerful incentive for new users to try Dash out, learn about it, and most importantly, start realizing its benefits.”

The integration of Dash on BitCart’s platform will be complete at 6 pm EDT today. Bitcoin is the other already accepted cryptocurrency.

CEO of BitCart Graham de Barra said:

“Dash is an obvious addition to our payment options due to its scalability. It is the superior cryptocurrency for payments over any other cryptocurrency. There is nothing more exciting for me than the decentralization of the global finance system, which is currently inefficient and riddled with fraud. Dash allows our merchant platform to completely eliminate the chance of chargebacks, and it opens up more options to anyone in the world.”

Secondly, it was announced that payments plug-in CryptoWoo has also integrated Dash, allowing individuals and businesses to pay for e-commerce products online with the cryptocurrency.

The addition means that e-commerce websites and companies can now implement the CryptoWoo plugin to accept Dash as a method of payment, alongside extant native tokens Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin.

Lastly, CryptoBuyer, a Venezuela-based cryptocurrency exchange, has finalized its integration of Dash. Now available for purchase and sale through CryptoBuyer, Dash will become a viable alternative to the Bolivar (VEF), which has recently experienced significant drops in value.

Local Venezuelans can now use Dash and Bitcoin to make remittances, everyday transactions, top up cell phones, recharge debit cards away from traditional banks and the slumping national currency.


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