EFF, Open Internet Proponents Hold Press Conference To Foster Net Neutrality

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The Electronic Frontier Foundation along with the proponents of the open internet will hold a press conference today  that will take place at the California State Capitol Lawn Area 27 in Sacramento. The goal of the said convention is to persuade state senators to endorse a rule that would foster net neutrality in California.

A confederation of policymakers, small entrepreneurs, consumers, and social justice groups will participate as well in the press conference. This is to foster net neutrality and support SB 822 that will enforce ISPs to comply with the open internet regulations. Under the said Senate bill, providers are prohibited from blocking, throttling, paid prioritization, and zero rating procedures.

California State Sen. Scott Wiener introduced the measure and is still pending. Advocates believe that if nobody fosters net neutrality, huge telecom and cable companies are free to approve and disapprove contents and services according to their preferences.

During the press conference, EFF Legislative Counsel Ernesto Falcon will encourage legislators to authorize SB 822 promptly. Anyone deserves a free and open internet that offers a fair and matching opportunity to all and not just for those who can shell out extra bucks.

Meanwhile, the House of Commons has endorsed a motion to foster net neutrality, the current and the future. John Oliver‘s (Liberal-Oakville) M-168 has been favored by 277 MP (member of Parliament). Although it’s not a formal bill, it urges Canadian legislators to recognize the country’s current laws that foster net neutrality. The motion will also try to outline a basis for the inevitable addition of open internet protections in the country’s future telecom and broadcast legislative infrastructure.

The Decenternet has a motion to provide open and free internet to its users. To foster net neutrality, the platform empowers and protects free speech. It provides unrestricted access to the web unbound by politics.

Internet users will have a continuous flow of fast connection since apps, services, and websites are not blocked. Even personal information is secured and protected to prevent identity theft and fraudulence.

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