Disrupted Alien Hunting Makes Scientists Blame Cryptomining

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How did cryptomining, exist?


Earthlings are fascinated when it comes to out-of-this-world phenomenon just like alien sighting, alien hunting or worse alien invasion.  With the latest breakthrough, who knows there could be real aliens and your neighbor is one of them. Creepy!


Scientists, however, are not at all happy with the ongoing trend in technology. A large portion of the entire world’s population is using the internet all at the same time. Others are playing video games, chatting, finding their true love while others are live streaming. Business people use it for cryptomining and are going nuts over it.


SETI@home co-founder, Dan Werthimer said that they would like to utilize the most recent graphics processing units or GPU but cannot acquire them. Due to bitcoin mining, alien hunters at the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) headquartered at the University of California in Berkeley. They depend heavily on calculating power and need a hefty amount of it.


GPUs are high-speed chips and not just functioned for operating video games. They could be piled up by radio astronomers, people who are interested in managing massive volumes of data for particular applications, and most especially Bitcoin miners.


Bitcoin mining is a method that confirms transactions and adds it to the public ledger, typically known as the blockchain. It is also where new bitcoins are issued. It involves participants called “miners,” and the procedure concerns compilation of the latest transactions into blocks and attempts to decrypt complex mathematical problem. Whoever solves the puzzle first gets the reward.


Werthimer further explained that scientists who are searching for alien life basically depend on interpreting radio signals coming from space. What concerns them most is that they need to tune in to all frequencies at the same time, since nobody knows at what frequency that extraterrestrials would communicate. What makes it difficult for them is that the computer needs to listen to all of the frequencies including the running of sounds through a sequence of de-modulators that try to ascertain an alien signal from incidental natural noise.


Not only alien hunters are affected. Radio astronomers who are finding proofs of the universe’s earliest stars are taken aback after realizing the price of the GPUs they wanted becomes doubled.  



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