Disparaged Societies Also Fight For Their Voices Not Just To Champion Open Internet

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Champion Open Internet

The internet was created for everyone regardless of race, income, position, and educational attainment.

The battle to the champion open internet continues as the CRA vote pushes to the House of the Representatives. For disparaged societies, it is also about fighting for their voices.

Distinctive justices such as social and racial including community groups cite that there is a high risk in the expectation of the CRA vote. The referendum’s goal is to nix the FCC’s decision to abolish the Open Internet rules not to mention to champion net neutrality.

“There’s a real possibility of our voices and our narratives being silenced… We have Black Lives Matter now, but what’s the next movement, or the extension of that movement, that gets lost when our content doesn’t reach people we’re trying to reach?” said Center for Media Justice organizer Erin Shields.

Advocates say that it would be dreadful in case the Congressional Review Act (CRA) cannot reverse the FCC’s decision or be brought down due to a lawsuit. Specifically, it is catastrophic for communities of color and other groups that utilize the web to organize. The Voice of Internet Freedom is a coalition that includes Free Press and the National Hispanic Media Coalition among others that started to pressure lawmakers to champion net neutrality.

There are a lot of fears looming around the loss of free and open internet. Internet providers will go on the blocking and throttling spree while giving preference of faster connection to those who could pay more. Those who could not pay extra will have limited access and slower connection.

At Decenternet, everything is equally treated, from apps to internet traffic to websites. To champion net neutrality, it provides unrestricted access to the decentralized and centralized web so that users can freely communicate online. It empowers and protects free speech that everyone is entitled to.

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