Demise of Net Neutrality Collapses US Internet Freedom Score

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Internet Freedom

The US internet freedom rating has greatly dropped, all because of net neutrality repeal. 

Watchdog organization, Freedom House evaluates internet freedom globally each year. Based on this year’s report, there has been a dramatic decline in America’s score.

The dismantling of net neutrality has severely affected the internet freedom in the US that the residents have enjoyed. Freedom House released a yearly report that reviewed the magnitude of internet freedom of different nations worldwide and designates a score to each country. Besides net neutrality repeal, privacy laws and the incorporation of leading telecom companies drastically declined its ranking this year.

Each country’s internet freedom is rated according to the aspects which involve hindrances to access, restrictions to content, and mistreatments of user rights while using it to cast a rating out of 100. A country with a high rating means a bad rating which also means that there are many things deterring internet freedom.

Some of the countries being rated for their internet freedom last year include Russia (67), China (88), both Italy and France (25), and Iceland (6). The US got 21 from last year to 22 this year.

Ford/MDF Technology Exchange Fellow at Fight for the Future Josh Tabish said, “Losing net neutrality impacts internet freedom because the open web is one of most powerful tools we have to hold leaders to account. Whether you’re challenging tyranny or just saying something unpopular politically, net neutrality is essential for maintaining free speech online.”

Freedom House likewise pointed out many other regulatory accords that affected internet freedom in America like the passage of SESTA/FOSTA. It is a law that causes websites accountable for the content their users share and compromise online sex workers as several platforms began to discharge them. It also involves decision to discourage regulation of privacy measures for broadband providers along with a couple of data breaches that all furthered to the revised rating.

The US is not the only one enduring the issue of losing internet freedom for the past straight eight years. Other nations face harsher restrictions on internet freedom, like regulations against what can be distributed online and the discrimination of people who defy these regulations.

Platforms like Decenternet provide an open internet because internet freedom means a lot for every one. Unlike Internet Service Providers, Decenternet does not block, throttle, or engage in paid prioritization. Most of all, it does not discriminate contents giving internet freedom to users so they can freely communicate online without apprehension.




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