Decenternet Unveils Robust Data Security

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Is Decenternet the key to robust data security?

Over the years, the internet had somehow taken over most people’s lives, and at some point, it had started to control what we think, hear, or feel.  All the personal data we receive and send over the internet are shared onto monopolistic data distribution channels. By receiving personal data, this gives them the opportunity to manipulate and make money by selling the data to the highest bidder.

All ISP (Internet Service Providers) must treat all data on the internet equally. There should be no discrimination against certain users, services, applications, or method of communication. An ISP is also not allowed to block or slow down specific content or websites nor is it permitted to charge additional fees for certain internet services. This is what network neutrality is and should have been.


Decentralization and net neutrality is our thin wall of defense, the only one, against the liberation of humankind and organized the legal use of violence. This is why and how people started becoming more interested on Decenternet.

Dnet, short for Decenternet, is an alternative P2P permanent hyperspeed neutral decentralized internet infrastructure platform solution boundless by oppression and politics. It proliferates net neutrality, protects your privacy, and removes corrupt intermediaries also it’s cheaper and much faster.

Dnet’s core assets include the blockchain native Spyce, Dnet web hosting, Liberty Search Engine, and the Osiris.  These core assets are self-sustainable and are backed by the highly incentivized Spyce mining activity that is obtainable to anyone. This will prevent our personal information from being sold to third parties without our knowledge and permission.

Dnet’s web browser creates a completely free web environment that brings profits straight to the contributing peers without the exploitation of any in-between entity. It offers everything that the old repressed web has but with stronger security and better protection.

Decenternet’s platform is still in a development phase with the release date set in the last quarter of 2019. Are you ready to join their quest for planetary greatness? Check out to discover more about Decenternet’s global mission.

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