Decenternet Reaps Huge Investments From iCoin Summit 2018

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iCoin Summit 2018

Decenternet successfully wrapped up the iCoin Summit 2018!

iCOIN Summit 2018

On May 9 and 10, blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts gathered all together in Limassol, Cyprus for the long-awaited, iCoin Summit 2018. The event had a total of 1482 attendees, with more or less 30 world-class blockchain enthusiast speakers from around the world.

iCoin Summit hosted the first ever ICO battle wherein Decenternet was one of the competitors along with the other 19 ICO startup companies, all for the astounding $250,000 grand prize, and enriching the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

Honored enough to be part of the top 19 startup companies out of 74 applicants that were thoroughly verified and chosen by the panel, Decenternet’s Creator and Founder, Sean Kim, was given the privilege to introduce Decenternet to the world:

“The Decenternet is a hyper-speed, immutable, permanent internet infrastructure platform. Once Decenternet is out, it can’t be stopped. We won’t need any permission from any central organizational power to proliferate the vision of net neutrality by default, to proliferate the vision of protection of our privacy, to proliferate the vision of complete freedom and liberty in a planetary scale.”


Sean also proudly introduced the three main core assets of Decenternet which are the Anuvys OS, Osiris Web browser, and the Liberty Search Engine- an open source search engine. Spyce, which is the essence of all trade and commerce on the Decenternet platform, is revealed to be ready for mining in the year 2019.

After four intense pitches, Safein and Grapevine made it to the finals. Safein— a decentralized blockchain-based identity management platform, slammed the grand prize worth $250,000 of investment. Landing on the second prize, Grapevine also received investments worth $50,000 from GPU Mining & Blockchain Labs and a $300,000 worth of marketing credit from 7Marketz.

Despite not being able to grab the grand prize, Decenternet was still successful in grabbing the fifth spot on the first day of the summit. Not only that, being acknowledged as one of the most promising ICOs today is just one of the achievements that Decenternet has achieved in the summit.

Decenternet dropped three big news during the summit. The first one was Sean’s announcement about ARPA’s agreement to partner with Decenternet. The second one was the announcement of 7Marketz’ CEO, Yagub Rahimov, about their company’s $300,000 advertising credit donation for Decenternet’s transparent Internet cause. And last but not the least is the partnership of Coineru with Decenternet.

Indeed, this event was a massive success not just to the Decenternet, but a massive success to the other ICOs, and generally to the people on this planet who are hungry for freedom.

Sean Kim was one of the people that brought the idea of Blockchain and Bitcoin in the South Korean community.

During the summit, George Giannoulakis, the CEO and Founder of Investcor said:

“Blockchain, by default, is self-regulating. It is transparent, [and] it is immutable. I mean, what is a far more effective and efficient manner of regulation than any other individual regulator can do?”

Indeed, Blockchain’s incredible technology has been a game-changer around the world, whether it be in businesses, in healthcare or even in the financial aspect of a country.



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