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Cryptocurrency is continuously making a significant noise around the world. People just cannot get enough of the so-called money of the future.

Everyone is excited to get updates on how cryptocurrency can change the financial industry. Earlier today, news has it that Bitcoin remains to be the top Cryptocurrency in the market. This only shows that the popularity of cryptos remains stable.

Another exciting update is that experts now are unlocking other breakthroughs on how to manage and even buy cryptocurrencies. The article below will give you a sneak-peak of another digital money buying innovation.

Read on and see what the future holds for the cryptocurrency.

Hoard promises to simplify the process of buying cryptocurrency.

What Is Hoard?

Hoard aims to simplify your cryptocurrency investing, trading, and storage by gathering everything into one platform. The platform promises to offer maximum security, minimal fees, and a hassle-free experience.

The alpha for Hoard is not yet available, although it’s listed as “launching soon.” You can visit the official website online today at The app is scheduled to launch in October, with a pre-sale and ICO taking place soon after.

Basically, Hoard is a digital wallet that comes with multiple features – including trading, investing, and coin swaps. Let’s take a closer look at how it works. Hoard also offers “Cold Storage as a Service”, or CSaaS, to safely and securely lock down your crypto-assets.

How Does Hoard Work?

Hoard promises to offer cryptocurrency investing on autopilot. You can link any account, choose how you want to invest, select the coin or coin baskets you want to purchase, and Hoard will handle the rest. There are no monthly fees.

You can setup investment schedules to help reach your financial goals. If you want to buy digital currency every time you spend, for example, or buy digital currency every time you save, then Hoard can do that. Many people use these strategies to fund their traditional investment accounts. Hoard wants to offer similar services for cryptocurrency investors.

The core of the Hoard platform is the Hoard Wallet, which we’ll talk about below.

How Does The Hoard Wallet Work?

The Hoard Wallet promises to help you manage all your holdings in a secure, multi-signature wallet designed to be functional, flexible, and easy to use. Some of the key features of the wallet include:

Coin Swaps: Instantly or automatically swap or trade any two coins across chains on the Hoard platform.

View Balances: Sync and display balances across your entire financial landscape from cash, credit, cryptocurrency, and stocks.

Send and Request: Hoard promises to do peer-to-peer payments right. You can setup push requests or send cryptocurrency to your contacts – not to complex addresses like you usually see with cryptocurrencies.

Synced Contacts: Sync and display contacts from devices and social channels to connect your network and build a community.

Hoard’s Cold Storage As A Service (CSaaS)

Hoard’s Cold Storage as a Service system promises to safely and securely lock down your crypto holdings offline while maintain instant liquidity. You can use Hoard’s CSaaS cold storage to protect your digital assets without worrying about problems like lost hardware, physical damage to your cold storage system, missing keys, or forgotten passwords.

Key features of Hoard’s CSaaS include:

Security: Hoard claims its protocols are “stronger than federally regulated bank-level encryption services.”

Multiple Currencies: You can safely store, ETH, bitcoin, LTC, XRP, OMG, NEO, MTL, and other popular altcoins on the platform.

Liquidity: Your funds are always available for immediate withdrawal. Liquidity is provided by the OAR token.

The Hoard Token Sale

Hoard has scheduled a token sale for the near future. However, the date for that token sale has not yet been announced. You can sign up to receive notifications on the ICO pre-sale.

The company seems to be waiting until the first version of their app is released before they announce the token sale. They want to launch an ICO that’s backed by a real product.

Hoard Features

Overall, the Hoard platform aims to provide several key features through a one-stop mobile app. Those key features include:

Fiat and AI investing

Crypto exchange

Crypto wallet

Crypto storage

Instant swaps

International support

Who’s Behind Hoard?

Hoard is led by Jason Davis, Founder and CEO. Other key members of the team include Dan Lipert, Co-Founder and CTO, Dmitry Gorilovsky (Co-Founder and CIO), Brian Haynes (Co-Founder and CBDO), and George Worrell (Co-Founder and CPO).

Hoard Conclusion

Hoard is preparing to release an app in October to showcase the power of its platform. That app will be a multi-currency wallet with built-in features like currency swaps. You can use the wallet to securely hold your digital assets while investing in cryptocurrencies. Hoard also plans to offer features like fiat and AI investing, cold storage as a service, and more.

The alpha version of Hoard should launch this October, with a pre-sale and ICO taking place soon after. Stay tuned for more information as Hoard prepares to launch.

To learn more about Hoard, visit

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