Crypto Platform Aims To Provide The Most Reliable Bitcoin Price Prediction

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Bitcoin Price Prediction

Do you want to know the accurate price of Bitcoin?

Knowing the price of Bitcoin is a vital information every Bitcoin or digital currency user must know since Bitcoin is currently the most popular digital currency worldwide. Despite its price volatility characteristic, Bitcoin was still able to stand on its current leading position. Due to its volatility, the more you need to know every change on Bitcoin’s price if you are really serious in this industry.

With the new cryptocurrency trading platform, investors will be able to increase their revenues, as well as improve their investment knowledge.

The cryptocurrency market is a great opportunity for traders to earn money without having to make large investments. Since the digital currency is highly volatile, more and more traders are looking to invest into bitcoin to make some profits.

However, cryptocurrency trading implies high risks as it is difficult to forecast price movements on the bitcoin market. Even experienced traders can make wrong investments and lose their money because of misinformation or poor trading skills.

To help investors take better investment decisions, KoCurrency has developed a new service that offers an accurate bitcoin price prediction by collecting trading data from the expert trading community members. In addition to market forecast, the KoCurrency platform will enable users to expand their investments knowledge by providing insights into learning cryptocurrency trading.

The system uses an algorithm that gathers trading behaviour of thousands of top bitcoin and altcoin traders. To select best traders, KoCurrency has applied a Darwinian “proof based” model by separating signals from the noise of bad or mediocre trading. Users of the platform publish their predictions and trading data which is then analyzed and compared to the outcomes of their predictions.

The system is powered by Intelligence coins which can then be exchanged for bitcoin, ripple, and other virtual currencies, as well as fiat money via the KoCurrency’s exchange platform. The service provides each new user with 100 intelligence coins, which can’t be bought. To grow the amount of coins, traders have to pledge intelligence correctly through intelligence contracts that include questions about the current market. Users can also earn coins lost by investors who answered incorrectly.

KoCurrency has its own digital tokens, called KoCoins, which give an access to trading channels and premium content. The team is now running an Initial Token Injection to sell first 5 million KoCoins, valued at $0.60 per each token. Following the crowdsale, KoCurrency will launch an internal KoCoin exchange to allow users trade their tokens via the system in exchange for an equal value in bitcoin.

The platform is also aimed at educating its users by providing educational videos on digital currencies. The system will let users to enhance their investment skills and learn bitcoin trading by analyzing previous successful trades.

The KoCurrency platform is still in the early phase of development and is now in its beta version. According to its roadmap, the team is planning the second release to build a more intuitive user interface, provide more accurate predictions, and integrate user requested features.

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