Crucial Impact of Net Neutrality Depletion for Sports Content Providers

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The loss of net neutrality could greatly affect the way fans watch their favorite sports. 

Since the repeal of net neutrality took place in June, providers began rejoicing because they can now block, throttle, or engage in paid prioritization. These unlawful practices have been prohibited under the 2015 Open Internet Order during the Obama administration. But the Trump government and the current Federal Communications Commission chaired by Ajit Pai nixed the protection that consumers once relied on.

The use of the internet has never been the same when the FCC decided to repeal net neutrality. The “digital divide” is getting wider instead of getting sealed especially for the low-income group and rural areas. What’s more, it triggered a couple of lawsuits filed from both net neutrality advocates and adversaries which include lawmakers, industry groups, and internet companies to name a few.

Before the federal agency killed net neutrality, (but not for good) consumers and other business sectors have less or no complaints at all. It only means that they favor the regulations of the former FCC administration. But when Trump appointed Pai as the new commission’s chief, everything went drastically awful. The new regulations have shaken up the internet world of both consumers and different business organizations.

Upon the implementation of the FCC’s Restore Internet Freedom, Internet Service Providers rejoiced and started to implement their own unacceptable policies. Verizon’s data throttling incident of a fire department is just one of the many circumstances that occurred when the old net neutrality protections has been nixed. This data throttling happened during an emergency, what more if it’s just streaming a TV program or a sports event?

Maybe not a majority of people are aware that some giant ISPs like Comcast keeps Philadelphia Flyers and the 76ers. Likewise, it owns a stake of NBC/Universal and extends to NBC Sports Network and Golf Channel. Because of the freedom that the FCC gave to ISPs to do whatever they want – in spite of promising to uphold net neutrality – contents from rival channels are sure to be blocked or throttled. Of course, they will favor what they own and hinder internet traffic of their competitors’ programs.

Before ISPs became of what they are now, they used to be telephone companies or cable services which developed into broadband. They evolved into big telecoms which include AT&T, Charter Spectrum, Verizon, and Comcast which has 110 million subscribers. These private companies dominate the course of Internet data to the computer or other devices without giving regards to the First Amendment of the US Constitution.

If net neutrality will not be restored, not all will have equal access to the Internet. Only those with deep pockets can take advantage of an unfettered internet. However, in the Decenternet platform, all contents are treated equally.

Decenternet empowers and safeguards the free speech of consumers whether they belong to high-income or low-income group. The platform provides unconstrained access to the decentralized and traditional websites enabling users to freely communicate online.



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