Comcast Boss Wants Open Internet Regulations Dead

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Open Internet Regulations

It looks like Comcast chief Brian Roberts is attempting to kill net neutrality by acquiring some cable and entertainment companies.

For many, he could be the state’s most compelling foe of the open internet regulations. In short, the free, unbound, and equal access to all internet contents are threatened.

He acquired NBCUniversal almost ten years ago in a $30 billion deal. Now, he is poised to offer a $60 billion all-cash deal to acquire 21st Century Fox. He had earlier placed a bid of $31 billion to obtain 39% of Fox’s stake together with the 61% that remains of Sky Television.

His dream of acquiring Time Warner did not push through with the issues of the open internet regulations. There are many events that it violated the net neutrality rules like blocking of internet contents such as emails.

Comcast is getting the crown for the most despicable telecom company in the US, or so it seems. Once it acquired Fox and Sky with trump’s blessings, the open internet regulations are indeed in jeopardy.

Simultaneously, the diminishing of the open internet regulations coupled with the abandoning of DSL upgrades made Comcast the existing consortium broadband provider. It led to the company’s deterioration in the already unsatisfactory service with high costs.

Comcast was founded in 1969, but since then it only focused on growth and expansion ignoring innovation. As it acquires smaller cable companies, it declines to capitalize on upgrading customer service and support equally.

On the other hand, customers will be satisfied using the Decenternet platform. It provides them boundless access to the decentralized and centralized network without any extra cost.  Its innovative technology allows redefinition of the internet infrastructure.

The system it utilizes protects and secures personal data. Internet connection won’t slow down giving users more quality time and to freely communicate online. Decenternet implements open internet regulations that FCC and most cables and broadband providers want to demolish.

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