The Clock Starts Ticking as Net Neutrality Nears Its End

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The clock starts ticking for net neutrality to say goodbye as the Federal Communications Commission proclaimed yesterday that net neutrality repeal would be officially implemented on April 23 of this year.  


The decision will authorize the FCC to reverse the net neutrality rules established by the former Obama administration where internet providers are prohibited to block or slow down the connection to online contents. The agency will also abolish an order suspending Internet Service Providers from spotlighting their own content. The telecom industry is ecstatic with triumph while tech industry and subscriber advocacy organizations cry out.


The under the net neutrality repeal forced 23 state attorneys general to vindicate the decision that was legislated in infringement of the federal law. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman who leads the coalition of the attorneys general said that the decision would provide ISPs the authority to put commercial profits over subscribers by means of dictating that they perceive, conduct and say on the internet.


The coalition’s filing of a case is in connection with the agency’s order as injudicious and effervescent. It disputes FCC’s capability to analyze broadband without the scrutiny under Administrative Procedures Act.  The coalition’s constitutional group filed the petition for review ahead of the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit.


One startup company, Decenternet, will soon be massively adopted to maintain net neutrality. It greatly regards net neutrality as the guiding foundation that protects the right to liberally establish contact online. Net neutrality means an internet that supports and watch over free speech. Likewise, ISPs, should provide subscribers with an open network, neither block nor discrepant against any content or apps that ride over those networks.


Decenternet is the most formidable and integrated hyper-speed P2P decentralized internet communication solution that blockchain technology can develop. With Decenternet, anyone can achieve net neutrality. Its cutting-edge browser technology provides a much quicker, more impregnable and more private decentralized internet that can be used together with the common websites that users are already using.


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