Chinese Giant Companies Deliver CrypoKitties-Like to Your Phone

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Chinese Giant Companies

Chinese giant companies Baidu and Xiaomi have something for you.

The global crypto audience is crazed with collecting virtual cats since its launched last November 2017, and it about to get bigger in Asia.

Baidu, China’s search engine giant, came forward with a new CryptoKittie-like service. Instead of cat, the giant introduces a virtual dog following the year 2018 as the year of the dog.

CryptoKitties was brought into the cyber world in late November 2017, players have spent a whopping $19 million or more in trading cartoon kittens actively existing on the ethereum grid, and so far approximately 50,000 virtual cats have been bred or released that is also answerable for nearly 25% of all etherum undertaking, CryptoKitties Sales said, a third-party data site.

With the integration of the blockchain technology, the game has increased its popularity in no time with its easy-to-understand presentation.

Imagine the old digital pet, Tamagotchis, combined with Ethereum and the blockchain technology. Anyone who is into the game can collect by buying these cute Cryptokittens or breed them.

Completely encoded into the Ethereum blockchain by so-called “gene,” each cat has its own unique “DNA” that determines the traits, color and breeding time.

But it is not without criticism where many people expressed how ridiculous to use Ethereum platform for a game, paying up to $110,000 and jamming the network with cyber cats.

The game never really prospered in Asian markets, like China and Korea, since the site is only available in English. Even though many in the Chinese community conveyed the desire to play the game, the huge roadblock was the language barrier.

CryptoDogs was launched mainly for the Chinese community available only to Chinese sites. Anyone that knows the game will find it close to similar, that the notable difference being that instead of cats, you have dogs. And instead of Ethereum, the dogs are based on Achain, a public blockchain platform.

Xiaomi, one of China’s biggest smartphone manufacturers, softly started its own CryptoKitties this morning called Jiami Tu or translated into, CryptoBunnies. These virtual bunnies are also built-in scarcity on a blockchain system that records all transactions of each adoption.

The CryptoBunnies’ move was to mimic the movements of the country’s search giant Baidu when the crypto dog service was rolled out early this year.

The crypto world is not anymore just a bunch of virtual coins being moved around and systems recording the transactions. But the human side of things has brought about color and fun than just mining.

Cats, dogs, and bunnies? Watch out, there are more to the animal kingdom than meets the eye in generating cryptocurrencies.


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