Canadian Legislature Pronounces to Defend Net Neutrality

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Canadian lawmakers are taking action to defend net neutrality across the nation while several of the US states are dealing with their own net neutrality crisis.

It should be expected that the FCC’s decision to reverse the 2015 Open Internet Order will create aggression and diversification. Advocates defend net neutrality because it treats all internet traffic (websites, contents, apps, and services) equally. Opponents want it diminished so they could profit more from blocking, throttling, and paid prioritization where consumers will have no choice but to pay more for uninterrupted connection.

In Canada, the M-168 is not an official bill. However, it is a motion that reinforces Canadian legislators to address the nation’s current net neutrality protections. It is also an effort to place a justification for the consequent embodiment of formal open internet restoration in the state’s forthcoming telecommunications and broadcasting parliamentary groundwork.

In short, it is a resolution that classifies and bolsters net neutrality into law. It is absolutely the contradictory of what the FCC wants to become of the open internet. All of the three major political groups agreed to boost the motion.

None opposed the measure proposed by John Oliver (Oakville) where 227 federal MPs gave support. The vote, however, cannot be considered as accordant since 61 members of the House who were absent during that time.

“Requiring that net neutrality be a guiding principle in the review and update of these acts signals a clear commitment to placing consumers and content providers first. That is a very important signal to send to the industry,” Oliver said.

Meanwhile, the Canadian government ensures that all Canadians will take advantage of the improved quality, broadcasting, and cost in terms of telecom services. Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, Honourable Navdeep Bains proclaimed a sequence of guidelines to enrich these services for Canadians. These include the following:

  • There will be deliberations to ready Canada for 5G. It is the next-generation, high-quality, and wireless systems that will allow connected cars, smart cities, and e-health.
  • The nation’s new five-year plan for a wireless continuum release that will advocate competition to help encourage lower costs for the residents and dish out better quality and scope.
  • The $100 million 2018 budget investment will enhance coverage and correspondence in rural regions with low-Earth-orbit (LEO) satellites.
  • Lastly, the introduction of Connecting Families will administer a larger Canadian population with a low-cost Internet. A total of 50,000 computers will be given to qualified homes through the Government of Canada’s existing Computers for
    Schools program. Each household will enjoy no less than 10 Megabits per second (Mbps) and no less than 100 gigabytes (GB) of data usage each every month
    at the discounted rate. No fees will be applied to equipment or installation.

At the Decenternet network, net neutrality is strongly supported. Consumers can enjoy limitless access to different websites without any worries of blocking and throttling. All contents are equally treated without any preferences of other websites. It enables and protects free speech giving internet users the freedom to communicate freely online.


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