California SB 822 Adversaries To Be Hassled And Disgraced

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SB 822

SB 822 will make a grand entrance and ISPs will not know what to do once it is enacted.

The Bear Republic’s net neutrality bill, SB 822 surely is having a tough fight like the petition for a CRA vote. Proponents did not give up and became more aggressive to pursue the proposed measure that will allow Californians to get back their freedom.

This week, Democrat state Sen. Scott Wiener revealed the most recent version of SB 822 where it was read twice and amended on August 7. Net neutrality advocates are set to publicly hassle and disgrace the state legislators that will gratify authoritative internet service providers or ISPs by not backing the proposal rather than stick with their constituents.

Remember that last month, the California State Capitol held a hearing about the enhancement of Sen. Scott Wiener’s SB 822 and Sen. Kevin de Leon’s SB 460. Both proposed net neutrality bills need to work together to form a better and stronger net neutrality bills. However, contrary to the expectations of the advocates, Assemblymember
Miguel Santiago turned down the only hope that Californians are looking up to. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi sent him a letter asking him to support the combining of two net neutrality bills.

After the public scrutiny, Santiago decided to back SB 822 and restore significant protections making it the toughest net neutrality preservations in the state. Last month, Sen Wiener and Assemblymember Santiago worked together for a new version of SB 822.  The bill will return the essentialities that disallowed broadband providers from diminishing certain services from customers’ data caps. Likewise, it will forbid them from demanding “access fees” to connect with customers on a network. ISPs will be banned from blocking or throttling content that was transferred into their network coming from other networks.

The Fight for the Future advocacy organization persuaded Californians to press their representatives to vote that is inclined to SB 822.  The state Assembly’s Communications and Conveyance Committee will take the consideration ahead of the Assembly votes on it this month. To date, the Assembly has 80 members, and 11 has so far committed to vote for SB 822. The advocacy group vowed to set up billboard campaigns aimed at representatives who will vote against net neutrality rules.

The organization’s California campaign against Assemblyman Santiago who previously ransacked the amendments of two net neutrality has paved the way for him to change his mind and even co-authored with SB 822.  Fight for the Future accumulated $15,000 to construct a billboard in his district that coaxed him to champion net neutrality. The group has been battling even before the FCC decided to repeal the open internet rules in December of last year.

“California assemblymembers won’t get a second chance and they need to decide immediately to either side with the public or be willing to pay the price for catering to big telecoms,” said Fight for the Future deputy director Evan Greer.

He added that SB 22 would hinder ISPs like AT&T and Comcast from making the internet a playground they can dominate and their syndicate authority that influences what kind of apps, services, devices, and websites of our liking.

SB 22 has been dubbed as the “Gold Standard” of state net neutrality laws and will remain that way. The platform, Decenternet will also stay the same as it continues to provide an open internet to its users.

Decenternet does not block, throttle, or demand extra fees from consumers for a faster connection. It means there is no discrimination of contents and users have the liberty to freely communicate online. That is because of the unlimited access to the decentralized and centralized web. Besides, the platform enables and protects free speech.


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