California Legislators Declare Data Privacy Legislation Aimed At Silicon Valley

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data privacy legislation

If ISPs fear California’s net neutrality bills, the Silicon Valley flinches with the data privacy legislation.

Yesterday, Gov. Jerry Brown signified data privacy legislation providing more authorization to consumers regarding how companies accumulate and dominate their personal information. This is a recommendation that Google, as well as giant companies,  had disagreed with citing it as too onerous.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai defends the company assuring that Gmail users have their emails protected from all possible kinds of attacks.  He agrees that users own their information and as companies, they are only the guardians of it.

According to the data privacy legislation, huge firms with information on more than 50,000 individuals will soon be compelled to allow consumers to see the data they have gathered from them. They could ask for the deletion of the data and refuse from selling them to third parties. For every violation that the company commits, it will be penalized that costs $7,500. This bill concerns California residents.

“This is a huge step forward for California. This is a huge step forward for people across the country, ” said Democrat State Sen. Bob Hertzberg during a live-streamed Thursday press conference.

The data privacy legislation was signed into law hours following its passage from the two houses of the chamber as part of a resolution to impede a matching measure from touching down at the country’s November election ballot.

Now that Assembly Bill 375 has become a law, it will suddenly transform the way enterprises manage information in California. The bill which is also known as California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 has similarities with EU’s new data privacy legislation. The state’s newly-passed bill calls for the disclosure of only the “section” of a third-party that obtains personal data rather than the identity of the consumer itself.

The state attorney general will have a major role in policing the Silicon Valley’s privacy procedures aside from delivering cases. There will be possible fines if firms like Amazon or Microsoft disregard the consumers’ privacy choices or protect their information from hackers.

Significantly, it is much easier for lawmakers to make amendments on a data privacy legislation compared to a ballot measure. The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 will take effect on Jan. 1, 2020 offering tech companies ample time to acknowledge their complaints. Large businesses such as Amazon and AT&T unanimously attempt to deter the ballot measure that Alastair MacTaggart had proposed.

During the process, tech behemoths which include Facebook had indicated disagreement to MacTaggart’s ballot measure which he withdrew after Gov. Brown signed AB 375 into law. They even donated a handsome amount to the organization that demoralizes it. The Internet Association that lobbies for companies like Uber confirmed that it would not hamper or thwart the legislative recommendation. They will instead work to rectify the imminent, adverse guiding principle and accordance implications that the last-minute agreement will establish.

Decenternet keeps all information of its users intact and does not share or sell them to third-parties and make money out of it. It respects the rights of the consumers to gain control over their own personal information.

Californian residents are hopeful that hacking and identity theft will be lessened if not totally eliminated. The data privacy legislation will be a great relief to users everytime they access the web.

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