Businesses Bank On Blockchain For Greater Data Privacy

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The demand for blockchain is getting wider as large tech companies cite blockchain technology to achieve a more secured data privacy.

Monumental business organizations such as the International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation has requested for a patent system  that will utilize blockchain technology to address privacy and security issues for drones.  Based on the filing, blockchain provides capable strategies for handling information” relevant to drones. The patent has been made public just recently but was filed earlier in 2017. For IBM, blockchain displayed a huge number of probable business uses which incude safeguarding of data privacy.

Using blockchain as a tool to cushion privacy depends on the kind of technology itself. Importantly, it is a decentralized technology that serves as a digital ledger. It broadly traces, documents, and authenticates the validity of all transactions. Because of the technology’s nature – no core location that keeps private information- there would be no single inciting incident. This vastly increases the system’s security.

Blockchain does not solely employs to cryptocurrency transactions. Due to the issues of data breaches intensified by Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, millions of personal information around the world have been compromised. Decenternet has engineered the first blockchain operating system that will replace all existing operating systems used in desktops and mobile devices.

Anuvys OS is developed for personal security and safeguarding of every individual. It boundless access to the centralized and decentralized web. It does not report to anyone of anything or give out personal information especially without the owner’s consent. The blockchain operating system is organized to establish a non-invasive alternative resolution to the existing internet ecosystem. Likewise, it could process a minimum of at least 10 million transactions in a second.

Blockchain has enabled users to program assets which cannot be done before. With its introduction, assets can now be kept in a manner that copying or duplication would be difficult and without consent. Besides, their sources will be distinguish if necessary aside from storing immovable files distributed to every user. Each user possess their own specific private cryptographic key.

Meanwhile, Silicon Valley and the Congress could finally be on the same page with respect to the necessity of data privacy regulation. Google, AT&T, Twitter, Apple, and Amazon representatives testified before the Senate commerce committee to advocate the concept of new federal data protection regulations.

On Sept. 26, Wednesday, the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation conducted a hearing on data privacy. It paid attention on the feasibility of a federal privacy regulation. The hearing tackled two main issues namely: 1) the possibility for Congress to legislate a federal privacy law which covers the confines and standard for any such law, 2) the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) role in controlling data privacy practices.

Tech company representatives seem to approve on particular extensive privacy regulations that could be absorbed into legislature. Congress along with the federal agencies are anticipated to expand their attention regarding issues of crafting  federal privacy principles i the coming months. According to Sen. John Thune who also happens to be the Chairman of the committee, further hearings will be held on data privacy.

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